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In case of lost phone

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    • Hi all,

      I am at my wits end here. So I'm turning to the general public and I hope anybody with a good opinion or two can tell me about them.

      I lost my hp (possibly pickpocketed) on Dec 22nd at Vivocity, I tried repeated to call my hp on the day I lost it. At first I wanted to report lost right away bcos whoever had my phone had off the phone, but later it was switch on again. Holding on that ray of hope, I kept calling and sending msgs and eventually called in to disconnect my phone around midnight (although Singtel claimed I called at 150am).

      Anyway, I later received a bill of $500 for calls made overseas to Thailand, Vietnam, Sweden on Dec 22nd itself. I went to the police and they told me to go to Singtel and I went to Singtel and they told me to go to the police. Basically both parties were rather blase about it.

      Of course, mine would have not been the first case in history.

      However, I was shocked that neither the police nor Singtel even had the slightest interest in investigating into the matter despite the numerous overseas numbers reflected on the bill. I was even more appalled to be informed by both the police and Singtel that they do not have the technology.

      Whether or not technology is really available in our country, it is just unbelievable that basically the reaction I have received is that I'll just have to bite the bullet.

      I have written a letter of appeal to Singtel, but they are unwilling to waive the charges, only those from 150am onwards, which really amounts to little.

      So I am asking if there is anyone out there who has any suggestions on what else I can do. I am not exactly wealthy.

      I have tried calling the numbers on my bill, the individual appears to be thai. I have been unable to communicate with the owners of these numbers because they only speak thai/other languages. (Thai being the majority)

      Please, if you have any idea at all, please email me at [email protected]

      I sincerely ask for your help.


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    • when u lost your phone. first thing to do is to report it, then tell singtel to cut your lines ba.

      i was very unhappy with the way the police and singtel does things also.

      there was once my friend had his 11b stolen, and that fellow used his 11b to sign up for a few phone lines, then get the phones and sold the phones off.

      then we notified singtel, they also say they cannot do anything, except terminate those lines, but we're very angry that someone can use someone else's 11b to do the transaction. don't they have a system to check and authenticate?

      the police even better. tell us say to tell our camp provost and report our lost 11b, when we go to the provosts, they say to go police.

      everyone point at someone else.

      terrible right

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    • I suggest you lodge more reports and sincerely ask for help from both the Police and SingTel, if both still doesn’t work. You can always try Straits Time and STOMP. ( I don’t suggest STOMP really, but they do have a big number of viewers there.)

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    • u can lodge a report at any NPP or NPC. a report to state u lost ur phone. do u have ur phone serial no.?

      to be frank.

      u shd be cancelling your line on the 22nd and making a report by then. not waiting til noow.

    • the following is my fren senario.

      He lost his phone.

      on that very day, he called starhub to suspend his line and lodged a police report (NP299) the day after.

      he kept his receipt of purchase for his phone and provided the phone S/N to the officer lodging his report, and months later, the phone was sold to a second hand dealor and the person was subsequently arrested.

      the person who stole his phone is now serving a month jail if im nt wrong.

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