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Junior Police Officer Intake

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    • Originally posted by BigFudge:

      Only been asked for CPF statement and employer letter. Nothing else at the moment.

      Oh thats good.. at least yours is in process.. i still dono if mine is still in or not.. haiz.. no contact or anything..

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    • I just got an email and text informing me of my SA on 26th March. Anyone else scheduled for the same date?

  • BigFudge's Avatar
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    • Great news! I've received an email this morning saying my application has been successful!

      This is my 3rd attempt at applying. Waited over year and a half!

      Below is my timeline.

      Submitted Application: 30th Oct 2017
      SA: 6th Nov 2017
      Medical: 15th Jan 2018
      Email Offer: 3rd April 2018
      Bond Signing: 24th April 2018
      Appointment: 30th April 2018
      Intake: 10th May 2018

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    • Quick question, if i'm overweight, age 27 this year, passed my IPPT yearly. Will it affect the outcome of my application?

    • Submitted Application: 16/02/2018

      Invitation for Selection Assessment: 22/2/2018

      Selection Assessment: 02/03/2018

      Unsuccessful - 18\04\2018

      Oh well...it though after 1 month this will be great but no
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