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      5 Nov 2014, 1.43PM
      Harassed Harassed 
      by Harassed Harassed
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      This is the police report I made on 30 June 2014.
      Addresses and name are blanked out until help is rendered:

      I wish to make a police report dating back to 1997 when I started to be harassed by a neighbour. 

      I bought a resale 3-room flat under the singles scheme and moved in on Nov 30 1996 at Blk 161 Tampines St 12 #​--​-​---​ (521161). 

      Two weeks after I moved in, my next door neighbour (#​--​-​---), (I believe his surname is Mr.​ -----​ ) started watching TV in his masterbedroom which was next to my masterbedroom with very loud volume till the wee hours, up to 2am every night. That affected my sleep which was disturbing and I was working then. Mr ​-----​, I understand, was a retiree. 

      I waited for 2 months before very politely going over to his flat and explained that his loud TV volume was affecting my sleep. He toned down the TV volume for only 2 weeks. I again very courteously went over and explained that our masterbedrooms were just next to each other and his loud TV volume really affected my sleep. He didn't tone down at all.

      I had to call the HDB to ask them to help me with the situation. Perhaps 2 weeks after the HDB officer spoke to Mr ​-----​, I started to get harassed. Shit was placed at my corridor window ledge, my weekend car was scratched, the front bumper was dislodged, the paintwork splashed with acid and people started staring at me when I return home from work near the lift. 

      I filed a Magistrates' Complaint, but he didn't turn up on the appointed day. 

      The harassment went on even after he moved to another estate. I did still see him occasionally at the Tampines MRT though. 

      I finally decided to sell my flat in Tampines because of the harassment and moved in with my girlfriend at Blk 116 Hougang Ave 1 #​--​-​----​ (530116) on 19 July 2008. 

      Mr. ​-----​ and his friends or hired help followed me and used two flats above me (#​--​-​----​ and #​--​-​----​) to continue to harass me. They got bolder. Besides lots of knocking on their floors and dragging furniture, they sprayed urine, shit, all kinds of chemicals through my main door, windows and even through the pipes that lead to my kitchen sink and bathroom basin. 

      I moved again to my girlfriend's sister and brother-in-law's terrace house at ​--​ Jalan Sembilang, Thomson Park (​------​) on 26 Sept 2011. Again they followed and continued to harass me using the two adjacent terrace houses at ​--​ and ​--​ Jalan Sembilang. Not so much noise as we're now on ground floor, but still the same ways spraying all the things mentioned and through windows and pipes. 

      I applied for a Balance of Sales HDB Studio Apartment in Nov 2013 as I turned 55 yrs old and finally moved in on 18 June 2014 at Blk 211B Punggol Walk #​--​-​---​ (822211). This is where I am residing now. 

      My harassers are now using the flat above me #​--​-​---​ and I believe the flat below me #​--​---- to continue to harass me. They are now spraying the same things mentioned through my main door, hall and bathroom windows and through the pipes connecting to my kitchen sink and bathroom basin and possibly have drilled small tiny holes through my bathroom ceiling to spray things. When I brush teeth or take a shower, I can feel different kinds of sprays, sweet, sour, salty and can be hot like pepper or mild acid. I can even hear a hissing sound (spraying). 

      One way to nail them is by checking on their finances, eg bank accounts, big purchases like cars, holidays, etc especially the family who stays at ​--​ Jalan Sembilang. Another way is to thoroughly scrutinize and continue to monitor vigorously the people who stay or are using #​--​-​---​ and #​--​-​---​, ie above and below me until they are caught. 

      I respect that you have your own ways of investigation of course and the above are just my own amateurish thoughts. 

      What I am saying is that, if you investigate hard enough, you will find evidence and ways to finally find them guilty of harassing or abetting to harass me. 

      I am not moving again. If you cannot eventually nab them, I am resigned to their harassment all my life. 

      Please help me. 

      Thank you.


      ​I have sought help from:

      ​The Singapore Police Force
      Dr. Janil Puthucheary (meet-the-people session)
      Mr. Teo Chee Hean (Minister of Home Affairs)
      Mr. Khaw Boom Wan (Minister of National Development)
      Lee Hsien Loong (Prime Minister) ​​

      Despite my frequent emails via Gmail and Facebook seeking help and updates on their investigations, all of the above-mentioned top leaders and SPF have been unable to stop the harassment.

      I am hoping that someone or a group of people will be able to do so.​ 

      I really hope that the kampong spirit in Singapore exists.​

      Please help the top leaders and SPF to fight crime.

      Please email me at *****@gmail.com

      Please leave me your contact number or email address if you can help. ​

      Thank you very much. I am forever grateful to you.
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      Yong Wu
      Yong Wu
      7 Nov 2014, 12.31AM
      It is very strange that harassment can go to such an extent. Your former neighbor must be so powerful and and so influential that he/she can mobilise so many people at so many locations to harass you. Your opponent is too powerful to handle. 

      You may try to seek help from a Doctor. Repeat what you mentioned here, maybe the Doctor can come up with some solution.
      Harassed Harassed
      Harassed Harassed
      7 Nov 2014, 12.25PM
      Thank you Yong Wu for writing.

      When I was in Hougang, I tried to gather evidence of the chemicals that were sprayed by placing a clear plastic sheet on the area that my harassers would try to hurt me. Not only were the plastic sheet sprayed on, I got the chemicals on my head, face and neck.

      I had to seek medical help at Hougang Polyclinic as all the areas of my body that were affected turned super hot and red, like burned by acid. The doctor prescribed some medication to soothe the burned skin.

      I called the police and they took the sheet away to have Health Sciences Authority (HSA) to analyse what the chemicals were. 

      About a month later, the police came and asked me for some sample that were new and not sprayed on and said that HSA needed that for comparison.

      I kept enquiring about the results quite a few times from the police.

      It was 10 mths later that the police wrote to tell me that the results didn't show anything toxic.

      I wrote to HSA and found out that they normally would only take 3 mths to analyse whatever the police bring to them and that they are unable to furnish any other details.

      I wrote to the police and asked why it took so long for the results to come to me, which plastic sheet was given to HSA to analyse, the new or the one that was sprayed on, when did they send the sheets to HSA for analysis. I also questioned that if they sheets were sent very late to HSA, all the chemicals on the sprayed sheet would have evaporated and that was why nothing toxic was found. 

      None of the questions above was answered.

      I was hoping that with the evidence that I had, the police would nab my harassers. 

      Now in Punggol Walk, after I made this police report, they have come to take photos of the places inside and outside of my Studio Apartment that my harassers continue to spray on me and my face, neck and even my back, all of which have been burned by all sorts of chemicals.

      I am still seeking help from all the top leaders in Singapore and SPF regarding this case.

      Yong Wu, I really don't need a shrink. What I need is someone or a group of people more powerful than my harassers, with a sense of justice and kampong spirit.

      Once again, Yong Wu, thanks for writing.
      Dalek Singapore
      Dalek Singapore
      7 Nov 2014, 10.57PM
      {Now in Punggol Walk, after I made this police report, they have come to take photos of the places inside and outside of my Studio Apartment that my harassers continue to spray on me and my face, neck and even my back, all of which have been burned by all sorts of chemicals.}

      How can you be "sprayed" with chemicals on your face, neck, and back, without you capturing even a shred of evidence? If you do not have a single shred of evidence, how can you even be sure, and even name an accuser?

      As I said this is mind-bogging?

      Are you legitimately being harassed or everything is plain fiction?

      You need to come clean and with your story.

      And you say by stating your case in Reach you expect stronger protection and help from the SPF? How?

      Are you the harassed or harasser?
      Yong Wu
      Yong Wu
      8 Nov 2014, 12.25AM
      In this world there are some people with supernatural powers. These people can hear what other people can't. Some can see what average people can't. Some can tele control. These super power can sometimes give rise to some problems and affect the quality of life.

      Your ex neighbor may have 1 of these superpower. So no matter where you live, he still can disturb/harass you. If you stay in AMK, he may send some monkeys to harass you. If you stay in Ubin, he may send some snakes to your house. If you stay on the top floor, he may make your ceiling crack and rain water leaking into your house.

      To ward off this, you may need to seek people with superpower. You can go to church, temple or chant everyday, once you accumulate enough "invisible strength" the harassment would disappear.

      On the otherhand, you may have the superpower which you yourself not aware. To solve this problem is to get rid of your superpower so that you can live a harass-free life. The people who can help people to get rid of their superpower is in *** (Admin pls don't delete this address and tel number).

      Good luck and hope you enjoy your harass-free life.
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      Harassed Harassed
      Harassed Harassed
      8 Nov 2014, 12.41PM
      Thank you Yong Wu and Dalek for writing.

      I am not the only one who experience all kinds of sprays here in Punggol Walk. My harassers spray all kinds of chemicals and things that smell and taste like sugar, vinegar, salt and pepper.

      My girlfriend lives with me. Very often, I would ask her whether she smells and tastes what is sprayed. She says rust (mixture of all sorts of things). Last night, I asked her again. She said something sweet and that it is better than rust. (Meaning more tolerable)

      Fortunately, my girlfriend does feel all the sprays as well. Otherwise, I would really be crazy.

      I really don't know if it would help by going through REACH SINGAPORE to Law Society of Singapore's Pro Bono Services to see if they can help. That's why I asked.

      Anyway, I'm not sure if lawyers do investigation work. If they don't, how are they going to present to court anything at all. As a last resort, I would approach them.

      I am still waiting for help. People with extensive investigation work experience, eg active/retired Senior Police Officers with a sense of justice and kampong spirit would be most welcomed if they would like to take up the challenge.

      Please help me and my girlfriend who has to suffer along with me.
      Dalek Singapore
      Dalek Singapore
      8 Nov 2014, 3.37PM
      It appears that you experience it in your home only. Could you try to close your windows, perhaps use air cleaners in your home,

      Perhaps you may be hyper sensitive or have allergy of sorts? How about you put on masks and check if it helps.

      Lets explore this hypothetically. If someone is spraying chemicals, then wont they be affected as well? They cant be spraying it out their windows because their acts are visible.
      Harassed Harassed
      Harassed Harassed
      8 Nov 2014, 4.10PM
      Hi Dalek

      My harassers spray from both outside and inside of my flat, especially in the bathroom. Obviously, my harassers are very confident that they will never be caught. That explains why they have been harassing me all these years. With nobody who is smarter than them, this group of people have been bullying me with no qualms at all. They are totally blatant and have no respect for anybody, the police, the authorities and the laws of Singapore. 

      I can't be closing all the windows all the time right? Need to air the place. Can't be wearing mask all the time too.

      I am not allergic to anything at all. I have no medical condition that needs attention at the moment. Not sure when I will end up in hospital due to the all the chemicals and sprays. I actually did tell my girlfriend that if I get hurt bad enough, to send me to the nearest hospital. I think the nearest from Punggol Walk is Khoo Teck Puat Hospital in Yishun Central. 

      Thanks Dalek.
      Dalek Singapore
      Dalek Singapore
      8 Nov 2014, 6.08PM
      I think you need to speak with a Lawyer, and seek their advise.

      Only they would know what are your legal rights. 

      Eventually, you have to decide the course of action, or live with it, or whatever.

      I only wished I could give more ideas but I cant.

      Perhaps there are some kind of detection kits, that you can place in your home or toilet, and when you suspect chemicals are sprayed, those kits collect the samples and can be sent for lab analysis. 

      It sound like CSI (TV programme) kind of Detective and forensics investigation.

      It is going to be uphill for you and we have not even counted the costs. 

      Never give up! 

      Good wishes, Good luck, and All the Best!
      Harassed Harassed
      Harassed Harassed
      9 Nov 2014, 1.22PM
      Hi Dalek,

      I have tried to gather evidence on my own in Hougang. Eventually, as explained earlier, it took 10 mths for the police to write and tell me that nothing toxic was found. They did not even bother to answer any of my questions.

      I have no idea what to do anymore as far as gathering evidence is concerned. That is why I welcome any active/retired Senior Police Officer or people who have extensive investigation work experience, with a sense of justice and kampong spirit to help.

      I live in a HDB Studio Apartment in Punggol Walk. Both units above and below me are also Studio Apartments. HDB Studio Apartments are meant to be occupied solely by the owners, not to be rented out or used by any other persons in any way.

      I hope that SPF and HDB officers are aware of that and can look into using CCTV surveillance cameras to check who goes in and out of the 2 apartments. I believe that the 2 agencies would not have enough manpower to keep watch 24 hrs a day on those 2 units.

      That way, people who are renting or using those 2 units to harass me can be found out. If they can't find anyone renting or using those 2 units, then the owners of the 2 units are hired to harass me. The owners of those 2 units will be in big trouble if they abet to harass me.

      It's a really tough case. Someone or a group of powerful Samaritans who is smarter than my harassers would be required to solve this case.

      It's a very long, winding and stony road for me and my girlfriend.

      Please help.
      Harassed Harassed
      Harassed Harassed
      17 Nov 2014, 12.32PM
      Please help stop the harassment.
      Dalek Singapore
      Dalek Singapore
      5 Nov 2014, 9.32PM
      Mind bogging...this case.

      Did you rope in the neighbours around you, who also are valid witnesses to all the harassments?

      They are very important as 3rd party independent witnesses. 

      Perhaps your only way out is private suit...for every penny he got...of course including your Queens Council costs.
      Harassed Harassed
      Harassed Harassed
      6 Nov 2014, 1.37PM
      Thank you Dalek for your suggestions and concern. 

      It's difficult and almost impossible to find kampong spirit in Singapore.
      To get witnesses, forget it.

      I'm just a poor old man living in a HDB Studio Apartment in Punggol Walk. How could I possibly hire a lawyer, much less a QC.
      Dalek Singapore
      Dalek Singapore
      6 Nov 2014, 7.40PM
      You really need to stop being targetted.

      The only way is to fight back!

      You have to get a lawyer, you have to do your homework (dates, photographs, etc, witnesses).

      Believe me I think a lawyer is the only way to go. 

      When you win the case, he pays! Lawyer costs, newspaper apology, etc...

      You can't keep running! Fight back!
      Harassed Harassed
      Harassed Harassed
      6 Nov 2014, 8.17PM
      I really cannot afford a lawyer. I am wondering if any lawyer or rich persons are kind enough to fight this case pro bono.

      Like I said, it's difficult and almost impossible to find kampong spirit in Singapore.

      Alternatively, the relevant agencies can take up the task. I feel that it's their responsibilities and job to do what is right.
      REACH Administrator
      REACH Administrator
      7 Nov 2014, 2.35PM
      Dear Harassed Harassed,
      You could try contacting the Law Society of Singapore; I understand it has a Pro Bono Services Office which helps bring free legal assistance to those in need in our community.
      More information can be found at this link:
      Have a good weekend ahead. 
      (REACH Administrator)
      Harassed Harassed
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    • Please help fight crime and nab my harassers.

      Keep the Kampong Spirit ALIVE!




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