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What to bring for enlistment as a sign-on regular

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    • The following are written based on the best of my ability and knowledge.
      Updated on June 2015

      Things to bring:
      1.    4-5 sets of underwear (Can bring lesser if you wash it daily)
      2.    Phone with no camera (Smart phone with camera removed is allowed, taping over the lens is not allowed as you are able to remove it and use the camera)
      3.    5-10 hangers (Unless you can hang everything on 1 hanger, bring more)
      4.    Shaver (Preferably electric shaver)
      5.    Nail clipper (With the file removed, it is deemed as an offensive weapon, my friend got confined for it)
      6.    Small basket (To put all your bathing paraphernalia)
      7.    2 Hooks (To be used together with your basket, recommend you to hook it on the door hooks than on the basket near the shower head to keep it dry)
      8.    Coins (In denominations of 50 cents and 1 dollar for the washing machine or vending machine if permission is granted)
      9.    Notebook (Bring a larger one due to law lessons)
      10.    2 black/blue pens and 2 red pens (1 for own use, 1 for others to borrow)
      11.    Deodorant
      12.    Thirsty hippo
      13.    Some perfume like thingy that makes your cupboard smell better
      14.    A lock (Please don’t be a cheapskate, get a quality one, my friend broke his idk how don’t ask.) [Key or number up to you but if you lose both keys good luck to you]
      15.    Slippers (For shower, they provide sandals but I don’t like it as it is harder to dry as compared to slippers)
      16.    Small alarm clock (You will usually wake up before it rings but there are times where luck isn’t on your side)
      17.    Watch (Time is crucial)
      18.    Wallet-sized photos of your loved ones (I look at it when I am sad or depressed at night)
      19.    Large tissue (Not the box one but stacks) [To clean bunk. There may be times that toilet paper runs out when you need them the most]
      20.    Shower gel and shampoo (If you can find hair on your head)
      21.    Facial gel (keep your face clean or become Mr Pimple)
      22.    Bath towel
      23.    Face towel

      Things not compulsory but recommended to bring based on experience:
      1.    Feather duster
      2.    Ear buds (To clean your ears and to clean hard-to-reach areas such as window grills etc for bunk inspection)
      3.    Spare lock (in case you are the chosen one like my friend who broke his lock)
      4.    Spare thermometer (The one they provide works on miracles)
      5.    Spare army-issued water bottle (3-4 people broke theirs within first few days)
      6.    Duct-tape of various colours including black (for minor repairs of water bottle etc and to mark your items) [Mark it or lose it]
      7.    Carabiner (I put it on my raincoat pouch to mark it as mine) [I lost mine on the first day with my pen inside, was devastated]
      8.    Pinkie-sized torch light for use after lights out, Emergency use only (Lights out = Sleep, if you are caught awake after 2230 hours good luck)
      9.    Magic Mop (For bunk cleaning)
      10.    Iron and ironing board (Discuss with your bunk mates and split the cost, MUST)
      11.    Spare towel or blanket (You may not want to use the blanket as you would waste precious time to fold it nicely)

      12.    Air refreshener (Preferably can get the Dettol one, smells good and kills germs)

      13. Wet wipes (To refresh yourself and clean bunk)

      PROHIBITED ITEMS (Bring and your life ends there)
      1.    Multi-tool
      2.    Scissors
      3.    Pen knife
      4.    Screw driver
      5.    Nail clipper WITH the file(blade) [They deem it as an offensive weapon and you can be charged]
      6.    Sewing kit
      7.    Any form of medication (Exception: Prescribed medication with certificate) [That includes over-the-counter meds like Panadol]
      8.    Any form of food (including small snacks like you see in Ah boys to men: bak kwa, biscuits etc NOTHING AT ALL)
      9.    Any form of cream or muscle rubs
      10.    Game boy / PSP/ MP3 / Music Players (Basically any form of entertainment be it electronic or non-electronic
      11.    Board games, card games etc
      12.    Lighter
      13.    Cigarettes (Strictly prohibited and strictly enforced, just smoke 20 packs in civilian attire before you book in, if not enough just use your nose and ears to smoke as well)
      14.    Controlled drugs
      15.    Glue
      16.    Any type of drinks other than plain water (Including pocari sweat or those 3-in-1 milo or coffee sachets)
      17.    Protein powder

      18. Spare phone batteries/Portable chargers/power banks/ normal AA or AAA batteries etc

      I may have missed out some but this is the latest updated to the best of my ability and knowledge, the restricted items may be brought in only after you have sought explicit permission from your FI, CM and/ Coy Com and/or OC Coy*

      * (FI = Field Instructor, CM = Course Manager, Coy Com = Company Commander, OC Coy = Officer Commanding of your Company) [In order of rank]


      Feel free to update/correct or add on anything you deem appropriate. Hope it helps thanks (:


      PS: Please bring items that you are unsure on the first day of enlistment, nothing will happen to you, they will just seize it and return to you on your first book out but of course, use some common sense, don't expect to bring a parang on first day and think nothing will happen to you. Please do not bring it again or use this excuse as this is only a one-time and first-day thing. Please exercise common sense and prudence as matters like this are of serious nature. Please do not breach it is just not worth it.

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