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what it takes to be in S'pore's Police Tactical Unit

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    • An inside look at what it takes to be an officer in S'pore's Police Tactical Unit


      Have you ever wondered what it takes to be an officer in the Singapore Police Force's Police Tactical Unit (PTU)? The PTU is a strategic force entrusted to maintain public order and public security in the event of civil disturbance and acts of terrorism.

      A PTU officer spends over 800 hours a year in training, and all troopers undergo a two-month basic course followed by another three months of advanced training to acquire specialist-level skills before being certified as full-fledged PTU officers.

      They also undergo frequent maintenance training to upkeep their operational readiness. Being a PTU officer is not just about physique. Mental development is equally important so that they remain resilient and composed in the face of danger.  

      A PTU officer has to operate with his gear and equipment that can weigh up to 20kg. Therefore, being physically fit is very important to them and basic training helps build strength, stamina and agility.

      They utilise crossfit training and cardiovascular fitness to improve and maintain their physical condition. The fire confidence course is one of many confidence-building components designed to help officers conquer fear and stay composed when confronted by an adversary, be it human or nature.

      PTU officers are also taught the specialised technique of rappelling down from a building headfirst. The Singapore Police Force recently shared this all this information and photos on its Facebook page to educate the public on what it takes to be a PTU officer.


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