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  • mavislee's Avatar
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    • Originally posted by noel.91:

      It was okay I guess... 50% chance! Good luck!

      Thank you. When is your medical examination? Did the recruitment say when will they inform you of the outcome of the interview?

    • Anyone here waiting for panel interview?

  • Jennifer88's Avatar
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    • @mavislee Hi mavis, I went for panel on Monday. Waiting for medical email now.

      Anyone who went for panel on Monday, got the medical email already?? 

  • mavislee's Avatar
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    • Hey @Jennifer88, have they got back to you on the medical examination?

      what is the average duration recruitment takes to get back after the medical examination?

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    • Hey everyone .. been reading the whole thread, and it's been super helpful in providing info on the recruitment process so far. 

      I am currently a final-year undergraduate at a local uni, but graduating next year in Aug. 

      Just wanna seek opinions from y'all on whether i should start my application soon due to the super long wait time. I'm hesitating because I don't know if it is necessary to graduate first before applying, and whether it will affect my chances if I apply now while still an undergrad. Hope to get some insights from some kind souls man! Will really appreciate it!


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    • Hello, anyone else attended the 19th sept AD + psychometric test and have gotten an update about attending clinical? 

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    • Hi, may I ask if one were to join as a direct-entry inspector, will they start paying you once your trainee phase starts? And if they do, is the amount sort of similar to the variations they stated on their website? Or will the pay sort of be lesser until one successfully graduates as an OCT in HTA? 

      Thanks in advance!

  • AJ130707's Avatar
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    • Hi @AD93 - the entire process takes about 6-8 months. You could try applying in late Nov / Dec but the major interview dates might fall on periods when you’re having school/exams. You can postpone them but it will delay the process by a lot (I delayed my SA in April and the next slot I got was in august). You are allowed to give a tentative GPA that you think you will get and then update them with the actual GPA later on when you do graduate. 


      @maur - I attended the AD recently and they informed us that the starting pay starts from the very first training day (no training allowance etc, just flat out starting pay). With regards to what exactly the pay is, I’m not sure hahah. Still waiting for AD results *cross fingers*

    • Hi, with regards to the medical. Can anyone shed some light on what are the tests needed to be done for it? 

      is it more stuff that can’t be controlled (eg: blood, spine curvature, hearting etc.)

      or like weight, diabetes etc.

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