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Police NSmen to form new public order troop by Sep 2018

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    • Police NSmen to form new public order troop by September 2018

      A new Police National Servicemen (PNSmen) Public Order (PO) Troop is set to be formed by September 2018, with full implementation by 2023, as part of the Government’s efforts in ramping up efforts to boost security.

      Formed by operationally ready servicemen (NSmen) who have completed their full-time national service in the Police Special Operations Command (SOC), the troop will be tapped upon for their public order skills, perform anti-crime patrols, and also be recalled for planned major events and emergencies.

      The troopers, equipped with a set of personal protective equipment – which comprises a helmet, arm and shin protectors, fire retardant attire, gloves, boots and tactical shield – will be trained to deal with situations of violent rioters safely and effectively.

      They will also be armed with firearms and less lethal weapons so they have various force options to handle situations when public order is disrupted. 

      Details about the troop, which was announced by Minister for Home Affairs and Law K Shanmugam during the recent Police Workplan Seminar, were revealed at a briefing at the Home Team Tactical Centre on Wednesday (April 26). 

      During their time as full-time police national service men (PNSF), as part of their service under the SOC, they will undergo a specialised course to learn public order and basic combat skills. 

      They will be then deployed along with their regular counterparts for operations after completing the course, and have similar PO capabilities as their regular counterparts except for some specialised tactics.



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