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SPF - tanglin or central division?

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    • anyone from these division? i planning to sign on at spf . still thinking central or tanglin. someone can share their experiences here. thanks

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    • Hi, depends on what you're looking for. 

      Central is one of the busiest divisions with high crime rate despite being the smallest division of 3 NPCs (Bukit Merah East, Rochor, and Marina Bay). Tanglin division is much bigger with 5 NPCs (Bishan, TPY, Bukit Timah, Kampong Java, and Orchard) and not all of their NPCs are busy.

      Are you looking for a challenging and fast paced environment? Go for Central division. No matter which NPC you get posted to in Central, all 3 are equally busy. Rochor NPC's biggest headache would be Mustafa and almost the whole of Little India. Bukit Merah East NPC covers a number of HDB blocks and Chinatown which is enough to keep officers there busy. The unique NPC would be Marina Bay where you deal with the working office population and the party goers instead as there are plenty of entertainment outlets (pubs, clubs, KTVs) under Marina Bay NPC's jurisdiction. The only residential areas are occupied by the richer percentile of our population (elites everywhere). As for Tanglin division, Orchard NPC is the busiest one and their terrain is similar to Marina Bay's with all the entertainment outlets and expensive residential areas except that it is much more compact there. As for the other NPCs in Tanglin, I am not so clear on their terrain but they are definitely not as busy as Orchard NPC.

      Also, you should know that you cannot choose your NPC so choosing the right division matters a lot. 


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