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Enlistment Day

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    • It's best to be prepared before reporting to camp so that you know what to expect. Here are a few things to note:


      You should be properly attired for enlistment day. There will be an oath-taking ceremony so singlets, bermudas, slippers or sandals are not appropriate and are not allowed.

      A collared t-shirt or shirt, long trousers and shoes will be nice and appropriate! This applies to your parents and friends as well.


      • Your Summary of Medical Status letter (issued to you after the pre-enlistment medical screening).
      • Your NRIC. You will have to surrender your NRIC to exchange it for an NS identity card. If you have lost your NRIC, you will have to go to the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) to get a replacement before reporting for enlistment.
      • All previous immunisation certificates.
      • A watch.
      • An alarm clock.
      • A small lock (for wardrobe).
      • Clothes washing powder/detergent.
      • Basic toiletries.
      • Extra underwear.
      • Swimming goggles.
      • Nail clipper.
      • Slippers.

      Optional Stuffs will include the following:

      • Clothes hangers (at least five).
      • Additional spectacles/spectacles hooks.
      • A battery-operated radio.
      • Handphones (with fully charged spare batteries).


      • Camera phones. Image-capturing devices are strictly prohibited in SAF premises.
      • Mobile phone chargers.
      • Cigarettes. Smoking is discouraged and it is banned in the SPF/SCDF.
      • Data storage devices such as thumb-drives.
      • Valuables (e.g. excess cash or jewellery).
      • Military equipment purchased outside (e.g. combat boots or rifle cleaning kit).
      • Foodstuff.
    • You'll be issued the following items:

      - Field Pack (X1)
      - Jockey Cap (X1)
      - SCDF Jacket (X4)
      - SCDF Trousers (X4)
      - No. 4 Belt (X1)
      - PT Shirt (X3)
      - PT Shorts (X3)
      - Swimming Trunks (X1)
      - Blue SCDF Towel (X1)
      - Glove (1 pair)
      - Glove Pouch (X1)
      - Water Bottle (X1)
      - Mesh Mug (X1)
      - Fork (X1)
      - Spoon (X1)
      - Poncho (X1)
      - Epaulette (1 pair)
      - Gutters (1 pair)
      - Socks (4 pairs)
      - PT Shoes (1 pair)
      - Combat Boots (2 pairs)
      - Kiwi Polish (X1)
      - Kiwi Brush (X1)
      - Talcum Powder (X1)
      - Talcum Powder Bottle (X1)
      - Insect Repellent (X1)

      icon_arrow.gif Please take note that the above items may be subjected to changes..

      Special thanks to Unidentified who provided us with the above info


    • Some things to take note of:

      - Not more than $20 allowed in camp

      - 1st day haircut is $3

      - Recruits are NOT allowed to purchase anything from the vending machine & canteen

      - Self medication (e.g. Panadol) not recommended unless prescribed by doctor

      - Report to your instructor at any time when you don't feel well & you'll be referred to the Medical Centre

      - Recommended to bring your own towel as the towel provided is not a good absorber & the colour will run upon contact with water

      - NO boxers are allowed during training, only underwear

      - Bring your own cloth for boots polishing & also bring along kiwi neutral to enhance the shine (plz understand how to use kiwi neutral before applying)

      - Footdrill uniform needs to be starched (Recommended brand: Easy-On Double Starch)

      - Basic stationery for lessons, permanent marker to label your personal stuffs

      - Laundry bag to compile personal clothing for washing (Note: No need to pay for the use of the washing machine)

      - Duplicate copy of POSB/DBS account book / Latest bank statement *

      - Duplicate copy of Highest Education Qualification Certificate(s) *

      * = not really required on the 1st day but hand in early so that you don't have to do it on your following weekend

      icon_arrow.gif Please take note that the above items may be subjected to changes..

      Special thanks to Unidentified who provided us with the above info

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