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Incident at 1 Fishery Port Road

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    •  SCDF was alerted to an incident of an ammonia leak at 1 Fishery Port Road at about 11.40am.

      The leak in a first floor chiller room was shut off by the company and its staff were evacuated prior to SCDF's arrival.

      SCDF decontaminated 3 people by washing them down with water. They were conveyed to Ng Teng Fong General Hospital in a conscious and stable condition.


      -- SCDF Facebook Page

    • [Update 1]

      SCDF HazMat Specialists using detectors have picked up low levels of ammonia in the immediate perimeter outside the affected building.

      HazMat Specialists in protective suits have detected a leak within the ceiling of the chiller room and are working to access the concealed ammonia piping.

      About 100 workers from the premises were evacuated prior to SCDF's arrival.

      The neighboring premises are not affected.

      At the time of this update, there are no further reported injuries. In total, 3 people were conveyed to Ng Teng Fong General Hospital.


      -- SCDF Facebook Page

    • [Update 2]

      Another worker has been conveyed by SCDF to Ng Teng Fong General Hospital. She was among the workers who had been exposed to the ammonia vapour early this afternoon but did not want to be sent to the hospital. By late afternoon, she experienced breathlessness and sought medical attention from SCDF.

      This brings a total of four casualties conveyed to hospital.


      -- SCDF Facebook Page

    • [Update 3]

      SCDF mitigation operations of the ammonia leak incident is ongoing.

      Initial mitigation efforts involved shutting off the main supply line and several control valves. This confined the area of operations to a chiller room and part of the loading/unloading bay.

      The source of the ammonia leak has been traced to a main distribution pipe. The pipe is not easily accessible as it is installed within a metal plate ceiling and further concealed by layers of insulation materials.

      In the last three hours, the concentration of the ammonia vapour within the affected area, as registered with HazMat detectors, had diminished considerably.

      Notwithstanding this, as an added precautionary measure, SCDF has deployed three water curtains within the premises. This is to suppress any residual ammonia vapours which may escape beyond the affected area.

      It is expected to be an extended operation.


      -- SCDF Facebook Page

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