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job offer changing term

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    • Dear all,


      Need your opinion on my situation.

      I had accepted a job offer from an education institution. In the initial agreement, it is a 2 year renewable contract. Two days after i sent them my acceptance via email, they called me and told me there is a change to the employment term, it is now a 2 year fixed contract with no renewal.

      I expressed my displeasure, and the next day they reverted to 2 year renewable contract again.

      Now I am a bit not confident about the job offer and the real intention of the employer. Any kind soul could give me some views or opinion if I should go ahead and pretend nothing happened or I should think twice before I jump into it?

      Thank you.

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    • You currently in employment or out of employment?

      If in employment, stay!

      If out of employment, just take the offer until something better comes along! 

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    • u think the company work for u ??? if they dont employ u, there plenty of other out there.

      if u dont work for them. there also plenty of other jobs out there.

      just whethere yr princess temper willing to do so or not???

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    • If it is an renewable contract, this will mean that they are in need of manpower and they give you an option as to whether you can choose to continue to work with them or just leave.If it is non-renewable, most probably it must be some "scapegoat" type job where they want you to do the task that they themselves would not do and need you only for temporary use. Since you did not stated your position, it is very difficult to guess if my prediction is true.

      I think it is more important to find out if you can give 1 month notice for resignation even if you are on contract and if any disadvantage will happen if you do not complete your 2 years contract. Is your education insitution public or private ? For your info, the reason why I said your job might be the "scapegoat" type is because unless you are employed for teaching, in "most" public institution, any equipments that they brought they will need the so call "staff" to keep track due to government audit, and if any equipment are lost, the user who use it might not be responible if he is "missing" and you might be the one that end up paying it. So didn't said I didn't warn you !

      Finally bullying will always happen in workplace regardless you are in public or private sector, so the 2 years contact will work against you if you find that you cannot quit your job. And finally try to find out if you are pay if there are overtime. Chances are if you choose to work in weekend, some companies will stated that it is you who "volunteer" to work in sat and sun and they will not pay you.So didn't try to be an "free labour"





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    • Depend how desperate you are. Are you in need of a job now? You need the $$$ now?

      And your employability. Are you highly qualified? Can you find other job elsewhere?

      Is this the job you want? Is this your dream job?


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