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Entry Level Network Engineer Salary

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    • Hi, I have a few questions in mind regarding Network Engineer / Network Administrator Salary.


      First of all. I graduated with a Diploma in Computer Engineering from SP with a cumulative GPA of 3.75. Currently, I am serving NS and going to complete it in early June 2013. I am looking for a job that commences somewhere in July 2013.


      In the meantime, I am doing self-study for CCNA which I am going to take the test soon, hopefully before end of January 2013. So my question is, how much shall I ask for a starting salary? Is $2500 sounds reasonable considering my qualification without experience?


      2. Moreover, I plan to complete CCNP too by December 2013 before enrolling for part-time degree in 2014. So, in general, does employer increase your wages automatically if you complete CCNP? If not, do you think I should bring up this issue during the interview? Though I think I would feel awkward to ask for potential increments before working.


      3. If I completed my CCIE in 2014, considering my would be 1 year plus worth of experience, how much salary shall I demand for?


      4. Any recommended companies that takes in entry level Network Engineer? (Prefer West Side if possible).


      Thank you for reading this long post. I appreciate it. :)

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