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    • I've a a diploma in business admin and have been with the current Co. for 15 years as an administrator with a monthly income of $3.5. However, this public service do not recognise my distance learning degree with Uni Of London  (Business). i felt having a 3rd class Honours is just as worthless without a deg. Though it was a 3 year prog, I stretched to 7 years due to work committments and those period were the darkest as I was mocked by bosses and some colleagues for taking such long time to complete.

      Wonder whether i should resign.However, one thing which kept me from resigning is the generous 28 days annual leave, 2 days parent care leave, co-operative colleagues and flexi lunch time. i FEAR a new working environment might be worst. Moreover, I've 2 aged retired folks to take care and being the only child its easy to apply leave to take them for medical appointments etc.

      Wonder how much people in forums are earning out there as an administrators as a graduate ?

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