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Groupon Singapore is Now Hiring.

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    • Groupon is the fastest growing internet company in history and the first to reach $1 billion in sales in only seventeen months since its establishment. With offices all over the world and an ever-increasing active subscriber base of over 70 million people in over 46 countries, our unique brand of direct marketing coupled with our up-tempo, yet stimulating work ethos, has established our online coup d'état at the helm of the global, social commerce scene.

      We are hiring of the following positions:
      - Business Development and Sales 
      - City Planner
      - Customer Service
      - Editorial
      - Finance
      - Merchant Support
      - Logistics Team
      - Redemption Team
      - Groupon APAC Travel Team
      - Groupon Internship Programme

      How to apply: Note:  We are only hiring applicants who are currently living in Singapore.
      1.  Simply goto our application website:  CLICK HERE
      2.  You must enter a valid e-mail in order to access our website and click see todays deals.
      3.  You must confirm your e-mail.
      4.  Once log in, you will now have access, scroll down to the buttom of the page and click on jobs.

      Thank you.

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