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Unbox Blackberry – BB Z30

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    • The third latest handset by Blackberry – BB Z30 unlocked (sim free)

      Blackberry Z30 is the third product to be released from the BlackBerry flagship. It comes ready built for 4G compatibility and a total 25 hours battery life. Price wise is not so much of a difference compared to many of the slick features it offers.



      The Z30 design is a mixture of both the Z10 and Q10 which has a similar glass weave back panel, button -less keyboard and all screen design ethos of the Z10. The display screen is strongly built Super Amoled with 720p unit a much better improvement user experience of multi touch screen.

      As for the icon colors they look are beautifully design with serious user experience in mind. The back panel can be removed however the battery is quite difficult.


      You can see the big difference here compared to the Iphone 5.

      Back side of the phone in comparison with iPhone 5


      The Z30 includes ports for HDMI and microphone that can adjust the signal strength without any adapter required. A HDMI cable is sufficient.



      The Blackberry Z30 contains a 1.7GHz processor with Quad Core graphics and only weighs 170 grams. As for the resolution for a 5 inch display stands at 1280 x 720.



      The smart phone camera has a 2 mega pixel front camera and a 8 mega pixel back camera allowing for a significant zoom and ability to record HD video ranging from 1080p to 720p.


      Handy features

      Battery Life


      As claimed by Blackberry the Li-Ion 2880 mAh battery runs at 25 hours, 18 hours mixture of data and talktime and a total of 10 hours of talk time and for 3G up to 384 hours standby .


      Great speaker Quality

      Many review critics claim that the quality of sound is much clearer and louder than the previous versions.


      Blackberry 10.2 OS

      The latest 10.2 version comes loaded with the new features of BBM ( Black berry messaging) that allows for message notification to be displayed as a pop up on the screen when a new email, or message comes through.


      This is quite useful if the user is accessing many applications without closing them to read those messages. A feature called priority inbox helps for messages to be sorted automatically or through user settings as a result gives a great experience for users that are always swamped with emails or notifications from other applications such as facebook.


      In addition Blackberry Z30 comes with evernote app freely installed and also multilingual settings.















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