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Worr about cannot find job

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    • No such thing as "cannot find a job" lah. Even when you have finished serving your notice period and you are not employed yet, you are your own job recruiter. Thrawl the internet job sites day-in and day-out and flood the market with your resumes.....In the meantime, you can always take on a flexi-time or temp jobs......... Icon_biggrin


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    • Most important thing is to find a job you really like. I just gotten a job offer recently but is totally a nightmare!

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    • It is natural to worry. But try to get a hold of yourself. Worrying, alone, will not help things to get better. It is negative......

      Instead, focus on the positive aspects like what can be done:-

      * Double up your efforts to land a job or get a temp job first (never mind the low pay as you are not gonna be stuck with it any longer than you want)

      * Exercise and keep fit

      * Go for self-development/ skills  courses.

      * Take stock and get your life organised - dispose off negative assets/ lessen your liabilities

      Break out of the negativity by dwelling on the positive........

      Good luck!  Smile


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    • Part Time Hotel F&B Staff needed!( $8.50- $9.50/hr )

      No Experience required, on job training provided Flexible (book your own slots) Eligibility: Aged 16 & above (Must be after Birthday) How to apply: SMS/ Whatsapp to 91381481 Full Name Age Contact number Any Fnb Experience
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    • me too. i had the hardest time trying to find a job previously. thankfully i have already found one and currently at a pretty good place. a british bank. anyone wanna do sales tho? if u do i may be able to help to get some of u into the bank..pm me! :)

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    • One way is to submit resume to job agency and they will help match jobs for you. Some will even call you up yearly to recommend new jobs. Can try contact Multiway Employment  Recruitment Agency. +65 8322 0440

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    • Looking For Full Time/ Part Time Waiter/ Waitress/ Kitchen Helper at chinese restaurant, Housewives & Students Are Welcomed. Text or whatsapp 93882288

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    • 9 months. At first i really enjoyed the idea of not going to work and just wake up any time you want. I got more time to do the things i like which i can't do before because all of my time are spent in the office or at home sleeping. But eventually i ended up hate the feeling of being a bum. When i realised that i wanted to be on the same old me, i had a hard time getting a job. Things aren't that easy,

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