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Worr about cannot find job

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    • No such thing as "cannot find a job" lah. Even when you have finished serving your notice period and you are not employed yet, you are your own job recruiter. Thrawl the internet job sites day-in and day-out and flood the market with your resumes.....In the meantime, you can always take on a flexi-time or temp jobs......... Icon_biggrin


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    • Most important thing is to find a job you really like. I just gotten a job offer recently but is totally a nightmare!

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    • It is natural to worry. But try to get a hold of yourself. Worrying, alone, will not help things to get better. It is negative......

      Instead, focus on the positive aspects like what can be done:-

      * Double up your efforts to land a job or get a temp job first (never mind the low pay as you are not gonna be stuck with it any longer than you want)

      * Exercise and keep fit

      * Go for self-development/ skills  courses.

      * Take stock and get your life organised - dispose off negative assets/ lessen your liabilities

      Break out of the negativity by dwelling on the positive........

      Good luck!  Smile


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    • Part Time Hotel F&B Staff needed!( $8.50- $9.50/hr )

      No Experience required, on job training provided Flexible (book your own slots) Eligibility: Aged 16 & above (Must be after Birthday) How to apply: SMS/ Whatsapp to 91381481 Full Name Age Contact number Any Fnb Experience
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    • me too. i had the hardest time trying to find a job previously. thankfully i have already found one and currently at a pretty good place. a british bank. anyone wanna do sales tho? if u do i may be able to help to get some of u into the bank..pm me! :)

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