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5 signs you are underappreciated at work

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    • Some of you have a boss who appreciates your work, supports your development and advancement at work. You are paid appropriately and treated fairly among your colleagues.

      However, some of you are trapped under a bad management that rarely appreciates its employees and, sadly, not all of them are willing to rectify the situation.

      Before you lose your self-esteem, take a look at these five signs that you are not appreciated at work.


      Your boss claiming your ideas as his own is an indication that you are not appreciated at work and you should not stand for it.

      Most new hires will prefer to keep silent instead of clarifying. However, you should have an open and honest talk with your boss. Speak politely and express your disappointment, and seek a fair resolution.


      Every employee deserves to be appreciated for his hard work and sacrifices.

      When you already give of your best and your boss doesn't notice it, it is a sign that you are not appreciated.

      Instead of being passive, you should use your performance appraisal to highlight your contribution and commitment to the company. This will be a great chance for your employers to take notice.


      When employers expect you to execute a myriad of tasks, even work extra hours during the weekend, you deserve remuneration according to your regional payment standard.

      Being underpaid is a tangible sign that you are not appreciated.

      You should speak to your manager about the issue.

      A salary raise or a reduction in workload are two alternatives your manager can choose from to resolve the issue.


      Your boss always expects you to be excellent at work, but he doesn't support you to broaden your skill set and capabilities.

      You can take the initiative to have on-site training or mentoring that can help you meet the company's expectations.


      When you have fulfilled expectations placed on you by your company but not earned a due promotion, you should speak to your manager.

      If you are not promoted and the reason given is irrational, you ought to consult your HR manager.

      In conclusion, it is important to recognise these signs and engage in effective communication with your boss to resolve the issues.

      Article contributed by TBC HR Consulting (S) Pte Ltd (www.tbchr.com)



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    • These scenarios are the worst things happened in every employees. Can reduce their productivity and they don't want to work anymore.

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    • Thanks for the info.


      Guys i would like to share about one clinic 

      L&H Polyclinic

      do not join this company/clinic the 'female' boss only knows how to torture the staff the doctor/boss had no heart for patient as well. How i know cos i had a buddy who works there long back. Everytime she would be so stress up. And seriorly this clinic should be check again and again by MOM and MOH they dont even seem proper. Anyway just be careful they are the worst clinic i had visited too. Just wanna let everyone knows no matter you are looking for a job or wanting to visit a clinic never pay a single cent to this kind of clinic. Inform your close friend and relative. Becareful of black hearted boss like her. 



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