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Accountants, bankers, healthcare workers well paid this year

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    • Accountants, bankers and healthcare workers are tipped to be among the highest paid this year, according to a new report.

      Industries such as tourism and engineering are also expected to have strong growth, just as the traditionally strong information technology and legal areas will be among the big earners.

      The report by manpower firm Kelly Services found that the monthly median household income rose 2.6 per cent to $8,846 last year as compared with 2015.

      The establishment of the Asean Economic Community was cited as a key reason for the spike in demand for skilled finance professionals and accountants who are able to work across borders.

      A financial analyst with four to eight years of experience in the accountancy sector is projected to earn between $5,500 and $8,000 a month this year.

      The increase in demand for banking and finance professionals with compliance and risk backgrounds will help prospects in these fields command a bigger pay packet.

      A risk manager with four to seven years of experience can expect a salary between $5,000 and $10,000 a month this year, the report noted.

      With the implementation of the Healthcare Manpower Plan 2020, 30,000 healthcare workers will be needed to support the expansion of medical facilities by 2020.

      Furthermore, as Singapore serves as a home base to over 30 leading biomedical sciences companies, medical technology presents yet another key area of growth.

      The information technology sector is also expected to expand. Official projections forecast that, by this year, the infocomm technology industry will require 15,000 more workers, particularly in cyber security, data analytics, and development and network infrastructure.


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      Fake news aplenty, especially when it comes from Straits Times.........

      Just because 1 staff (CEO) gets paid a big bonus, every other staff gets it too?

      And please do not forget the slew of retrenchments across many sectors.........

      What a rosy picture depicted by Straits Times : ".....sector expanding..... will require XX,XXX more workers...."

      Don't forget that jobs created, 95% goes to foreigners.......





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    • my company is mostly local thou, and these foreigner bring in money and spent on us, why the hate?

      mom now change wp, and s pass levy to so high, my company levy paid is at around 600+ per foreign worker, and my boss always wanted local, as cpf is much cheaper for these general worker.

      as for ep, now you will need to advertise in job banks, and that is great effort for an employer to use to even hire a foreigner, except for those that is 12k monthly salary and above, but such position is not much, and i got 1 of the position in it.


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    • I am a bcom graduate, an accountant with foregn accounting experience how, can someone help me on how to get a job around, I ve been battling for a month now,

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