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Dilemma on job issues. Don't know what should be next step

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    • Hi I started my job at company A in May 2017. It was a 1 year agency contract job in which I was pay by the agency to perform my duties at the client site which is company A.

      And so 1 weeks later after I have started work with company A, company B, which interviewed me somewhere 2 months earlier, called me and offered me the job. Looking at this is a perm job with better benefits, I accepted the job offer and tendered my resignation to A and served out the 1 month notice period there.

      Then early this month I started my new job at B but I realised that I have make a big mistake. The job required me to be outstationed overseas for 30% to 40% of the time in which I am not comfortable with due to some personal and family reasons. I was not told of that beforehand during the application and interview stages.

      I quickly contacted my superior at A to enquire whether it is possible for me to return to A as A have difficuity filling my position and I left there on good terms. And my superior have asked me some questions like why I think I am not suitable for my new jobs and my notice period at B etc but it have been nearly 3 days and no news of them.

      I am now at a dilemma, if A doesn't want me back what should I do next? For sure I won't be feel conmfortable staying put due to the outstation matter and I don't know whether I should just tender my resignation regardless of what. :(

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