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5 successful tips for nailing that internship job

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    • Internships are invaluable. As college students you MUST complete at least one (if not multiple) internship during your study breaks. One of the main benefits of internships are that they give you work experience. More and more employers want new hires to have some work experience in the industry or job that you would like to pursue.

      It also allows you to acquire more well-rounded experiences and you get to also see first-hand how companies function on a day to day basis. More importantly the experiences provide you invaluable   understanding of the business and industry in which you want to work in once you graduate. Internships also help you grow in confidence, build your professional network or even get you hired right out of college!

      Here are five tips that will help you get the internship of your dreams.


      1. Figure yourself out

      Assuming this is your first internship search, the first thing you want to do is to really figure out a few things first. Ask yourself these questions;

      1. What do I really want from this internship and the organization I’ll be working for?
      1. What kind of job should I be applying to or and which industry?
      1. What do I want/need to learn from this internship? (You must really think through about why you want an internship and what you personally hope to get out of it.)
      1. When exactly do I need to start and end the internship? How long should my internship last? (Typically 3 months but the longer the better to prove your worth)
      1. How long am I willing to commute daily to get to and from work? What are my financial needs?
      1. Am I willing to move out of state or country to pursue the internship?

      If you can figure out the answers to these questions, then you will be able to streamline the companies you want to apply to.  These answers will also come in handy during your job interviews.


      2. Look everywhere

      You honestly cannot predict where and when you might run into your pot of gold. Use every resource you possibly can to find the right internship. Work with your school’s career counsellors, let your professors know you are looking for an internship, ask fellow students where they did their internships, use your school’s network alumni, tap into the resources your parents and friends might have.

      Scour the web such as JobStreet.com for internship postings; go to career fairs, talks and events in the field of your interest. Introduce yourself and network with people in the industry at these events and let them know you are looking for an internship. Make an effort to be  at the right place and at the right time.

      Don’t limit yourself to just one job specification or one industry or type of organization. Keep an open mind, especially towards companies, location, and industries. You may end up finding passion in a place you never expected! If you stay open to the right opportunities, great experiences will follow.

      (Tip: When searching for internships, remember that it’s never too early to start thinking about your career, and that any experience helps.)

      3.  Make that resume shine!

      One of the first things you want to do even before actively searching for an internship is to build a strong resume and cover letter. You want to make sure that your resume is absolutely pristine. That means no grammatical errors!

      In addition to making sure that the resume and applications are error-free, you must make sure that you include information that employers frequently want to know about such as relevant experience you have in the industry, as well as any special knowledge you may have acquired in the field thus far, preferably toward the top of the document or in some other prominent place.

      Keep it short and concise! (preferably 2 pages) If you’re having a hard time compressing it, cut out things the least important. Also, cut out anything that is from high school or not relevant to your degree/career. Always write a cover letter in addition to submitting your resume. Tailor your cover letter with details on what makes you a good fit and why you chose this company for an internship.

      (Tip: Create your profile with JobStreet.com and use their resume format that most employers preferred. It’s free, convenient and customisable. Once done you can start applying for internships and even print it out to attend interviews.)


      4. Apply early

      Most companies have deadlines for internship applications which are oftentimes months before the start of the internship itself. Missing the application date for an internship that you really wanted can be devastating and will likely take you out of the running before you even had the chance to apply.

      If the internship you are applying for is a requirement by your faculty, chances are there will be plenty of paperwork that will need to be submitted. You want to give yourself, the faculty and the organization you are applying for enough time to process each document.

      Even if you have not missed any deadlines yet, you still don’t want the entire process to be rushed. Not only will this make you a stressed out mess, it also increases the chances of accidentally missing out required documents and materials or sending out the wrong one without having enough time to rectify the mistake.


      5. Impress at the interviews

      You are here because your resume and application has impressed a future employer and this is the time to shine.. brighter than a diamond. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. You will want to do whatever you can to impress the people you are interviewing with. This can be done through the language that you use, the clothing that you wear, and how you approach the questions.

      Research the company before interviewing. Find out their values and buzzwords. Use references to those values and buzzwords in your interview. Get acquainted with common interview questions and how to answer them. There are many standard questions that tend to get asked and how you answer them is important.

      Ask a friend or family or even your college’s career services department to help you prepare for the interview. Having a few mock interviews with someone you’re comfortable with can help you prepare for the real thing when the time comes.

      When searching for internships, remember that it’s never too early to start thinking about your career, and that any experience helps.

      Finding the perfect internship is every college student’s’ dream. Even more important, is the impact that it will have on your overall career. If you miss out on an internship with your dream company, don’t let that stop you from re-applying in the future. When you fail try again! With time and diligence, your efforts will pay off — in an internship that gives you the experience you need to land the future job you want.

      JobStreet Singapore

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