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Quality Control Inspection

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    • Quality Control Inspection

      Summary of the job duties & responsibilities:

      1. Perform QC inspections and testing on material, process, product or service to ensure conformity to specifications and standards.

      2. Accept material, process, product or service only after verifying that it is conformity to specifications and standards.

      3. Conduct quality analysis and warranty claims investigation on non-conforming provide/service.

      4. Report the recurrent defect or failure to enable investigation and analysis for the initiating, recommending and providing preventive and corrective solutions.

      5. Maintain all records of inspection, testing, analysis and investigation carried out.

      6. Identify and record any product/service problem and initial action to prevent recurrent.

      7. Verify the effective implementation of the preventive and corrective actions on the non-conformity.

      Primary duties & responsibilities:

      1. Conduct Quality Inspection
      2. Liaise with clients on Customer complaints investigation

      Skills & Knowledge requirements:

      1. ISO 9000 Systems: Awareness
      2. Automobile Trouble shooting
      3. Computer Literate - MS Office, E-mail preferred.

      Experience / Qualifications requirements:

      1. min 5 years as a Mechanic / Quality related experience in Automobile Service Centers / Industry
      2. NTC 2-3 (Automobile-Heavy/Light duty)
      3. Able to speak, read & write English

      Location: West
      Salary: $1000 - $1500 per month.

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