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Quality Assurance Officer

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    • Quality Assurance Officer

      Summary of the job duties & responsibilities:

      1. Manage Quality Control Inspectors.
      2. Perform Quality Audits
      3. Prepare Schedule for calibration of instruments and service of workshop equipments.
      4. Customer complaints investigation.
      5. Publications - Maintenance and accounting.

      Primary duties & responsibilities:

      1. Conduct Quality Surveillance, inspection and testing according to Quality Assurance Programmes
      2. Report & record discrepancy or inadequancy of document, procedure, works instruction, and feedback for preventive & corrective actions
      3. Assist in warranty claims investigation as desigated by the Head QAD/QA Engineer
      4. Maintain records on all inspections and test performed to enable easy retrieval for verification and analysis
      5.Identify and record any product/service problem and initial action to prevent recurrent
      6. Verify the effective implementation or preventive and corrective actions on the non-conformity
      7. Conduct quality survelliance to ensure conformity to the QA programmes
      8. Assist inexternal and internal quality audits of the company.

      Skills & Knowledge requirements:

      1. ISO 9000 Systems: Auditing skills
      2. Automobile Engineering - Trouble shooting
      3. Computer Literate - MS Office, Power point & E-mail.

      Experience / Qualifications requirements:

      1. min 2 years related experience in Automobile Servicing Centers / Industry
      2. Diploma / NTC (Mechanical / Electrical Engineering)
      3. Able to speak, read & write English

      Location: West
      Salary: $1500 - $2000 per month.

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