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    • Follow these six rules for better, healthier hair


      What's the use of having clear, flawless skin if it's going to be dulled by lifeless, limp locks?

      Here's what you need to do to get a healthy head of hair.


      Skip out on your daily conditioner once every week or two and reach instead for the deep conditioner.

      Follow these six rules for better, healthier hairRegular triming encourages healthy hair growth. PHOTO: REUTERS

      It is fortified with ingredients designed to maintain a strong and healthy head of hair, and leaving the product on for longer means that your hair strands will be able to properly absorb it all.

      Pro tip: Be sure to towel dry your hair before applying the product. Having damp - but not wet - hair will ensure the product doesn't just drip off your locks. Don't give in to the temptation of leaving it on for longer than the instructions stipulate.

      CUT IT OUT

      Whether you're rocking a pixie cut or a long, glorious mane, get your hair cut every three to four months.

      The rationale behind getting a regular trim lies entirely in encouraging healthy hair growth. It not only gets rid of damaged split ends, it prevents further splitting of the strands.


      Going for a scalp treatment allows for experts to help you identify issues you may not have known about.

      Those strands of hair that fall out after you run your fingers through them might be natural, but they may also be indicative of weak hair follicles.

      And an itchy scalp might be due to dry skin or a build-up of excess dirt and oil.


      We all know how important SPF is for our skin but just as crucial is shielding our hair from harmful UV rays.

      Excessive exposure to the sun can cause brittle and lifeless ends - a result of hair follicles being burnt.

      Use hair sunscreen. These products have SPF protection and act as a barrier between your hair and harmful UV rays without weighing your hair down like normal sunblock would.


      No matter how soft and fluffy your towel may feel, using it on your soaking wet head can weaken your hair, which is most susceptible to breakage when it's wet.

      Using a towel can also roughen up the hair shaft or the cuticle, which means frizzy hair that might result in more damage.

      Use an old shirt or a microfibre towel instead. That way, the rough texture won't be a problem.


      Trade up your cotton pillowcase for silk alternatives.

      The former may be the norm, but they can cause hair breakage and messy hair.

      Tossing and turning on these textured surfaces result in unintentional tugging of your locks.

      Worse, cotton also soaks up the oils in your hair which may in turn be rubbed onto your face, leaving you with dirtier skin than before you went to bed.

      A silk pillowcase is good for both skin and hair. Sounds like a double-win to us.






      Glitter. You either love it or hate it. While it’s pretty to look at, it’s often a pain to apply and remove. It also seems to get everywhere. And somehow you still seem to keep finding bits of glitter days after you’ve removed it.

      Besides, glitter seems best kept for special occasions and parties right? Not quite, says makeup artist Lolent Lee. Glitter eye makeup is perfectly appropriate during the daytime and the office. You just need to know how to work it.

      Lee shares five easy tips:


      1. The right colours



      It is important to note that glitter is different from shimmer, though depending on the texture, both can look quite similar. Glitter tends to give a more obvious finish, hence the preference to use it for special occasions and parties. That is why keeping it subtle is key, says Lee, when choosing a glitter eyeshadow shade for the office. Peach, soft gold, bronze, and nude tones work best. These not only give lids that sparkle, but won’t draw too much attention if you’re called into a meeting with your boss. Try Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow in Kitten Karma, $24. Complete the look by finishing off with two coats of mascara, and no eyeliner.

      2. Pick a palette



      Choosing the right glitter eyeshadow is important too. According to Lee, choose one that has sparkly and fine glitter pigments, like the Too Faced Glitter Bomb Prismatic Glitter Eyeshadow Palette, $68. The finer the glitter, the less likely it will create a mess during application.


      3. Primed for perfection



      To ensure that the glitter eyeshadow stays where it’s supposed to be — on your lids and not on your cheeks or the rest of your face, use an eyeshadow primer like Too Faced Glitter Glue Glitter Shadow Primer, $32, prior to eyeshadow application. This is made specially to ensure that the glitter particles in the eyeshadow or pigment powder stays put, throughout the day.

      4. Brush up


      When applying glitter eyeshadow, use an eyeshadow brush to pick up the colour, tap off any excess from the brush, then sweep it over the lids. Lee says that this will ensure that the finished look will be a light glittered hue, and not like the disco ball you fear becoming. For more intensity, use a dabbing motion with the brush to apply the eyeshadow instead.


      5. Line them up


      Want a sparkly pop but can’t bring yourself to go the whole haul with glitter eyeshadow. Try a glitter eyeliner. And not just any colour, go for a sleek of silver, like the Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner in Glam Rock, $30. Subtle enough to pass the office test, but still gives a little rock star attitude.  

    • 10 non-Korean cushion compacts that rocked our world


    • Animal fur isn’t always better, as these makeup gurus can attest to. These man-made, cruelty-free brushes do the job just as well, and mostly are more affordable too
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    • Eh, im looking for an ionic hair dryer. Wanna have frizz free hair. Any recommendations?

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