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Trajic Bus Crash on Set of Korean Period Drama Bridal Mask

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    • The filming of upcoming korean period drama Bridal Mask came to a halt when a bus crash results in fatality, leaving one actor dead and thirty passengers seriously injured. It was reported that the accident occurred in the early morning of April 18. The broadcast station bus that was heading to the filming location in Daebyeong-myeon, Gyeongsamnam-do province, near Hageum village, went over the ridge between rice paddies and overturned. The bus was carrying extras, one of whom died in the crash. Thirty others suffered serious injuries and were taken to the hospital for treatment. One source with the production said that there may have been a problem with the bus’s brakes, but there’s been no official word yet on the cause. According to the CP, all filming has halted on the show for the next two days.
      Bridal Mask (각시탈) is Upcoming KBS Series is based of comic by Huh Young-Man. It is set in Japanese ruled Korea and is a story about a man named Lee Kang-To. He is an ordinary guy by day and an avenger by night who dons a traditional bridal mask and fights against Japanese injustice against his people. Condolences for the deceased, and best wishes to those in recovery.

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