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Yumiko Cheng regains consciousness from fall, says "not dead

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    • Yumiko Cheng regains consciousness from fall, says “not dead yet!”
      Posted: 28 June 2012 1751 hrs Hong Kong singer-actress Yumiko Cheng’s “Shanghai Doll” album.

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      Hong Kong singer-actress Yumiko Cheng’s “Shanghai Doll” album.


      HONG KONG: Hong Kong singer-actress Yumiko Cheng suffered serious injuries and went into a coma after falling from a three-storey high platform during her good friend and fellow actress Cherrie Ying’s pool-side birthday party, reported Hong Kong media Monday.

      According to Ying’s posting on her microblog, Cheng, along with Ying, slipped and fell from the platform while they were taking photos at the edge of a swimming pool at Ying’s 29th birthday party in Thailand last Wednesday.

      While the birthday girl got away with minor injuries, Cheng fell unconscious immediately after a tree branch pierced through her back and lungs.

      Cheng was immediately sent to a local hospital for an emergency surgery as her condition did not allow her to fly back to Hong Kong for treatment.

      The Cantopop singer only regained her consciousness two days after the accident.

      Responding to reporters through a message on Tuesday, Cheng, who is still recuperating at the hospital in Thailand, said that she was “Ok, not dead yet!”

      While Cheng said that she is a “superwoman” and “will be fine” in her microblog posting on Tuesday, she is said to be still in a neck brace and in pain when she breathes.

      Ying, who felt apologetic after the accident, posted a message to “all those who are concern about Yumiko Cheng” on her microblog on Monday.

      “She (Cheng) was hurt because of me. I feel apologetic towards her. Her recovery is my only wish right now,” said Ying.

      Hong Kong singer-actress Charlene Choi, who acted in the movie “All’s Well, Ends Well 2009” together with Cheng, also sent her well-wishes through her microblog on Tuesday.

      “Get well soon! I got a shock when I heard about your accident! I will pray for you… Love you,” said Choi.

      Cheng, who is still currently undergoing physical therapy in the hospital in Thailand, had since cancelled all her assignments on hand, which resulted in a loss of about RMB 4 million ($802,100).

      - CNA/lp


      just cancelling assignments on hand resulted in a lot of 800k. how much does a star make in a lifetime?

      no wonder so many people are crazy about being one.

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