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Aloysius Pang charged with drink driving

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    • Local actor Aloysius Pang charged with drink driving

      SINGAPORE - Rising star Aloysius Pang Wei Chong, 26, was charged in court on Thursday (May 18) with drink driving.

      The local actor, who has starred in several Channel 8 dramas and clinched Best Newcomer at Mediacorp's annual Star Awards ceremony in 2015, is accused of committing the offence along Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim towards Jurong Port Road at around 4.40am on May 8.

      He allegedly had 55 microgrammes (mcg) of alcohol in 100ml of breath. The prescribed limit is 35 mcg.

      Pang, who was unrepresented on Thursday, will be back in court on June 22.

      He was one of eight young male stars picked by Mediacorp to form the Eight Dukes - a new generation of celebrities. He is a former child star who acted in Channel 8 dramas when he was nine to 14. He later graduated with a diploma in management studies from Singapore Institute of Management and returned to acting in 2012 when he played a rich young man in the film Timeless Love.

      Late last year, he appeared in the TV drama You Can Be An Angel 2, where he acted as a nurse.

      If convicted of drink driving, Pang can be jailed up to six months or fined between $1,000 and $5,000.


      -- ST

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