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~ Buddhism: Wisdom Bliss ~ Rules & Regulations

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    • ~ Buddhism: Wisdom Bliss ~

      (Last Updated: 20/5/11)

      Welcome to Buddhism: Wisdom Bliss, a Buddhist forum created in October 2004 (not by the current An Eternal Now but a previous one whom I took over on 15 October 2004) for the sharing and discussion of authentic Buddhadharma (Buddhist teachings), in order that we may attain Wisdom and Bliss in our lives.

      I would also like to state that on account of my moderator's (a Vajrayana practitioner) advice, and the advice of countless great Vajrayana Masters, that one should stay away from all Dolgyal practice, I hereby announce that this forum does not recognize groups affiliated with the practice, and there shall be no links to NKT website and groups that are the proponents of the Dolgyal practice as from today. (Actually this has already been a rule for years, but I so happen to have taken down the old rules and regulations page from the stickied list for just one day in order to write a new one and apparently people start 'hijacking' and flooding the forum with pro-Dolgyal articles)

      Rules & Regulations

      1) While it is acknowledged that levels of understanding of the Dharma will vary among members, and that all will have their own beliefs about it, certain doctrines such as karma, postmortem rebirth and not-self, are held to be core teachings by all Buddhist traditions. Members are free to privately disagree with these teachings, or to discuss and ask questions about them, but not to debate them, denigrate them, or deny that they were taught by the Buddha.

      2) Treat all posters with respect. Always check your karma and its fruit from participating in this forum. This forum is a place of respect and devotion. Posts and topics that are disruptive, upsetting and unmindful shall be cause for deletion.
      3) No posting with multiple identities (clones).
      4) ~Buddhism: Wisdom Bliss~ reserves the right to publish, republish, delete or modify all discussions without asking for permission to do so.
      5) Do not use offensive or vulgar language. Any postings of insulting (or otherwise deemed inappropriate) texts, urls, images will be removed by moderators without any notices.
      6) Do not engage in personal attacks. Posts of such nature will be removed by moderators without any notices. Sect or religion bashing/attacks are also not allowed, though peaceful discussions of them are allowed.
      7) Everyone regardless of religions or beliefs are welcome to post in our forum, but there shall be no promotion of Non-Buddhism materials, doctrines, products, or religions/spiritual practices unless it is simply the discussion of these teachings/practices in relation to Buddhism. All URLs related to the various traditions not recognised by our forum will also be removed without notice.
      8) Chit chat topics should be posted in “Lounge” threads in the forum, in order to reduce off-topic replies in various threads. You may create new Lounge threads anytime if an old one has expired. There shall be no off-topic messages, please create new topics if you wish to discuss something else.

      9) No trolling

      10) No slandering and discussion of "bad" monks/nuns.


      Note: Questions and negative comments about moderator actions and decisions, this rules & regulations or deleted posts are not allowed in the forum. All such discussions shall be conducted privately with a moderator via Personal Message.

      This terms and conditions is not exhaustive and is subject to changes according to circumstances, just as the Lord Buddha did with his precepts.

      Links by these groups not recognized by our forum are not allowed

      Aum Shinri Kyo (The Supreme Truth, Aum Sect)

      Black Sect Tantric Buddhism & Yun Lin Temple

      Benjamin Creme

      Celtic Buddhism

      Chin Ching Fu (Mahasanti Monastery Institute Of Buddhist Studies)

      Cyril Henry Hoskins (Cyril Henry Hopkin, Cyril Henry Hoskin) (Lobsang Rampa)

      Daisaku Ikeda (Soka Gakkai)

      Dhammakaya International

      Dorje Chang Buddha III

      Ee Kwang Tao (Tian Tao Movement)

      est: Erhard Seminars Training (also known as Landmark)

      Falun Dafa (Falungong)

      Forshang Buddhism (Fo Sheng Zhong)

      Fo Sheng Zhong

      His Eminence Prince Ratu Agung Sri Acarya Vajra Kumara Pandji Pandita Pandji Sakti

      I-Kuan Tao (I-Kwan Tao) (Tian Tao Movement)

      Karma Tharchin (Mahasanti Monastery Institute Of Buddhist Studies)

      Ven. Geshe Kelsang Gyatso (New Kadam Tradition)

      Kofuku-no-Kagaku (The Institue for Research in Human Happiness) (Ryuho Okawa)

      Lama Gangchen

      Lama Ponya Yeshe (Kentucky)

      Lobsang Rampa (Tuesday Lobsang Rampa, Dr. T Lobsang Rampa)

      Lu Sheng Yen (Padmakumara, Grandmaster Lu, Lian Sheng Huo Fo) (True Buddha School)

      Li Hong Zhi (Falungong)

      Mahamongkut Meditation Centre

      Mahasanti Monastery Institute Of Buddhist Studies

      New Kadam Tradition (Kadampa Buddhism)

      Northern Kentucky Tibetan Group

      Ryuho Okawa

      Soka Gakkai (Value-creating Association)

      Tian Tao Movement (I Kuan Tao)

      Kadhampa Buddhist Association/Tibetan Vajrayana Gelugpa Buddhist Society/The Chinese Gelugpa Society

      Dorje Shugden

      Tulku Buddha Maitreya

      Zhen Fo Zhong (True Buddha School)

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