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[Screening]: Four Short Films by Woo Ming Jin

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    • The Substation Moving Images presents:
      Four Short Films by Woo Ming Jin
      20th Dec Saturday, 5pm
      The Substation Theatre
      Tickets at $6/4 (concession for students, NSFs, SFS members)
      Available at The Substation box office
      *Includes post-screening Q&A with writer/director Woo Ming Jin

      Film Programme

      1. BLUE ROOF / 13min / 2007 / PG
      Albert, a security guard in an apartment complex, is a middle aged man who walks with a limp, and is obsessed with collecting news articles on car accidents. Each morning, during his rounds, he goes up to the rooftop, and contemplates suicide. Will he ever jump?

      Festivals & Awards: Rotterdam International Film Festival 2008, 12th Pusan International Film Festival 2007

      2. CATCHING THE SEA / 13min / 2005 / PG
      Catching the Sea is a short film about the lives of several people in a village after a mysterious disease strikes and kills their loved ones. Set in a dilapidating fishing island, the film is about reconciling death and moving on with life.

      3. LOVE FOR DOGS / 24min / 2003 / PG
      Love for Dogs tells two parallel stories; A construction worker returns to his hometown and tries to reconnect with his daughter after abandoning his family to work in Cambodia. The second story follows Lily, an overweight girl living with her aunt and dealing with the absence of her immediate family.

      Festivals & Awards: Bangkok Short Film Festival (Special Mention Award), Digital MOV Festival 2005, Manila (Best Asean Short Film), Rotterdam International Film Festival 2005

      It is Possible Your Heart Cannot Be Broken is a short film about the innocence and disintegration of love. It tells the story between two people, Apple and Ah Tat, told in two different perspectives. Ah Tat, a dreamy simpleton romantic meets the jaded but equally insecure Apple. Can these two people - obviously completely different yet yearning for the same thing- sustain their relationship?

      “This is a big city, but sometimes it’s the loneliest place.”

      Festivals & Awards: Rotterdam International Film Festival 2006, Hong Kong International Film Festival 2006, Singapore International Film Festival 2006


      Director’s Statement:

      My films have focused on nature and its relationship with humanity. I have always been fascinated by the “beauty of ruins”. Nature is an element that man must live with, and that is something that plays out in my films. In these films, the characters struggle to reconcile their broken lives with their surroundings. Each character is flawed, and none of them has a solution to fix themselves.

      Each film is framed and lit the way I intended, and in some ways, they reflect my thoughts and views of the world.

      These four shorts best represent my work as an artist. The stories are small and intimate, but they are also powerful and poignant. They are also funny.

      About Woo Ming Jin (Writer/Director)

      Ipoh born Malaysian filmmaker, Woo Ming Jin, is an award-winning filmmaker who studied film and television at the San Diego State University after receiving a scholarship in 1999.

      His feature film debut, Monday Morning Glory, premiered at the San Francisco International Film Festival, and was invited to the Berlin International Film Festival, the first Malaysian film selected in the last 10 years. It was also selected to the Pusan International Film Festival, Tokyo International Film Festival, and Locarno International Film Festival, among others.

      His second feature film, The Elephant and the Sea, has five awards and has been selected to screen in more than 30 film festivals worldwide, including the Rotterdam, Los Angeles, Seattle, Hong Kong, Vancouver, Torino, and Karlovy Vary Film Festivals.

      This year Ming Jin received a script grant from the Pusan Film Festival for his next feature, Woman on Fire Looks for Water.


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