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      The Eng Wah Group, founded in the 1940s, is the first cinema operator listed on the main board of the Stock Exchange of Singapore (SGX). The Group is a leading film exhibitor and distributor with 26 strategically located cinema screen halls with a capacity of over 5,300 seats. It is the first cinema operator in Singapore and in the world to launch the world’s first full 2K (2000 lines resolution) Digital Cinema in its cineplexes in May 2004, and is still the operator with the highest number of 2K digital screens in Singapore.

      The Group's leisure and lifestyle entertainment businesses include cinema operations, film distribution and food concessionaire operations. The Group also owns and leases several commercial properties in Singapore which include the Jubilee Entertainment Complex at Ang Mo Kio and Toa Payoh Entertainment Centre at Toa Payoh.




      Starts business of operating cinemas with various partners; the Happy Theatre and the open-air Victory Theatre, both in Happy World. 

      Becomes one of the leading distributors of Chinese movies (form Taiwan and Hong Kong) in Singapore, and is among the first film distributors of Chinese movies (from Taiwan and Hong Kong) in Singapore. 

      It is also among the first film distribution companies to, besides bringing in mega movie stars (Fong Po Po, Ivy Ling Po, Si Kar Yin, Siu Fong Fong and Tang Lang Hua) for stage appearances together with the screening of their respective films, also bring in top Cantonese opera troupes and stars (the late Sir Tang Weng Cheung, better known as Sun Ma Sze Tsang) from Hong Kong to perform in Singapore.

      In conjunction with the grand opening of the National Theatre, it specially brings in top Hokkien film stars to officiate as well as to perform in this national event. 

      EW ventures into film production in Hong Kong and produces some highly acclaimed films, garnering numerous awards in the Asian Film Festivals.

      Incorporate companies to acquire and operate the Jubilee Theatre (1966) at North Bridge Road and the King's Theatre (1968) at Kim Tian Road; both became two of the more popular cinemas among the regular Chinese movie goers.


      The Group begins operating cinemas in the HDB satellite towns. Becomes one of the top three Chinese movie distributors in Singapore.

      The entire cinema industry is hard-hit by video piracy. However, the group remains steadfast and maintains its position as one of the leading Chinese movie distributors and cinema operators in Singapore. 

      Instrumental in introducing the early movies of A-list including Jackie Chan, Samo Hung,Yuen Piao, Michael Hui and Michelle Yeoh.

      Contributes to promoting the then upcoming movie idols like Nicky Wu, Aniki Jin and Charlie Yeung for local appearances.

      Becomes Singapore's sole licensee of TVB International (Hong Kong), distributing their top programmes and highly popular TV serials.

      Begins its first screening of English movies at Marina Theatre and surges on to secure a fair share of the city's market.

      Becomes public listed in 1994. 

      Keeping in line with the government's plans to rejuvenate the town centres in the older HDB estates, EW marks another milestone by redeveloping its single-screen theatres in Ang Mo Kio and Toa Payoh into multi-faceted entertainment centres, and converting Empress Theatre into a 3-screen hall cineplex.

      Diversifies into businesses of operating amusement arcades and popcorn concession stands.

      Sets up new cineplexes at Bukit Batok (EW - West Mall), Suntec City (EW - Suntec), and Sembawang (EW - Sun Plaza).

      First Cinema Exhibitor in Singapore to implement an on-line loyalty program
      First Cinema Exhibitor in Singapore to provide the SMS-a-movie service.

      First Cinema Exhibitor outside of the USA to deploy a full 2K Digital Cinema system.
      First Cinema Exhibitor in the world to commercially screen a full 2K-enabled digital movie.

      First Cinema Exhibitor in the world to operate a full 2K enabled cineplex.

      First Cinema Exhibitor in Singapore to offer WAP Ticketing service in 2005
      Placed among the top 100 Asian companies in CIO Asia’s CIO 100 List.

      First Cinema Exhibitor to launches movie ticketing service with SingPost on SingPost’s 250 Self-service Automated Machines (S.A.M.) islandwide.
      Best Service, Best Snack Bar, Best Sound – The Sunday Times
      SPBA Heritage Brand Award Winner

      One of the 1st in the World to showcase 4K Digital Cinema technology with “SpiderMan 3”.
      Introduces industry’s 1st Personalised Movie Gift Card in May
      EW Cinemas is Principal Partner of National Day Parade 2007
      EW Cinemas launches 1st of a kind fund raising initiative in Singapore; funds are raised through an auction of EW Movie Gift Cards, specially designed by members of the public. All proceeds from the online charity auction held at eBay Singapore, go towards The Straits Times (ST) School Pocket Money Fund.

      EW Cinemas is 1st Cinema Chain to pledge support to Singapore’s bid for the Youth Olympic Games 2010
      EW Cinemas is Principal Partner of National Day Parade 2008

      EW Cinemas is Principal Partner of National Day Parade 2009


      Selected as one of the “100 Singapore Icons”; a representation of logos, symbols, trademarks and icons that are significant to Singapore’s social history and visual culture.



      Is Eng Wah good or bad?if you went to watch movie then comment it whether is good or bad..

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