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Star Wars Star Trek.. when two geek universes collide.

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    • News is out that JJ Abrams is directing Star Trek and Star Wars.

      But geek law dictates that no man can wield two beloved sci-fi franchieses at the same time.

      A worm hole wil open up and the two rival universes will collapse into each other, creating a new uber-universe that will bring together two previously warring fanbases but will confuse the hell out of the rest of us.

      Whoever watched the latest Star Trek, a simple alternate universe pretty much destroyed decades of Star Trek series, Star Trek movies time-line and into a new time-tine where Vulcan was blown like Alderaan.. or more precisely, collapsed into a blackhole.

      What will happen in the next installment of Star Wars ? Will it be another story, another p.o.v, another time..... or another alternate (time travel) timeline ?(I don't think so.. I really hope they dont.)

      What do you guys think ?


      Do you think J. J. Abrams is a good choice?

       Yeah! He'll ace it.

       Nah, he has too big shoes to fill.

       We'll see...

       Don't care.




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      The Vulcan.. what u call it rapist's sleeper pinch thingy VS The Force Choke! Who will win? xD


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    • If you played SWTOR, it is a known fact that any good force user can force choke 2 pax, 1 with each hand simultaneously.

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