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3 Peas In A Pod (NC16)

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    • Singapore actress-director Michelle Chong is "disappointed" that her new film "3 Peas In A Pod" got a NC16 rating for "mature content", but said she does not intend to appeal the decision and would adjust her plans accordingly.



      SINGAPORE: Singapore actress-director Michelle Chong’s sophomore film "3 Peas In A Pod” has received a NC16 rating from the Media Development Authority (MDA) for having “some mature content”.


      This means the film can only be viewed by those aged 16 and above.


      Chong said she is “a little disappointed” that her film, which stars newcomer Jae Liew, former U-KISS member Alexander Lee Eusebio and Fahrenheit’s Calvin Chen, got a NC16 rating, but expressed that she respects the MDA’s decision and would adjust her plans accordingly.


      “A lot of Calvin's and Xander's (Eusebio’s) fans have already voiced their disappointment on not being able to watch the film, but I am now placing my hope on the older demographic.


      “We have cancelled our appearances at secondary schools and will visit old folks' homes instead,” quipped Chong.


      The 36-year-old filmmaker, who had previously directed the 2011 comedy “Already Famous”, added that she will not appeal the decision as “3 Peas In A Pod” is scheduled to premiere soon.


      “I actually wrote a letter of appeal the moment I got the rating, but as I understand from my distributor and the censorship committee, the process takes at least a month and my Gala Premiere is next Thursday (November 7) and sneak previews are on November 8-10.


      “If we were to go ahead and screen the movie with an NC-16 rating, then we can't dispute or appeal,” explained Chong.


      “Time is against me. But I still am grateful that the movie got made and that it will be screening in a week's time.”


      Partially shot in Australia, “3 Peas In A Pod” revolves around three university friends who go on a life-changing road trip together, and is slated for release on November 14.

      - CNA/ha

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