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Noah movie - Blah......

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    • Movie wasnt so great, quite disapointed.

      Felt quite sad than Noah son Ham hooked up with a friendly gal but she got her leg stuck in a trap and Noah didnt help, Ham was quite upset at his DAD , missing 2 opportunities to hookup

      1) Noah was supposed to find a wife for him but he saw the wickedness of people and some guy selling his daughters for food so decided to not get Ham a wife. Wanted the human race to end.

      2) Ham found a gal himself in a pit of dead people and chatted her up. She warmed up to him and agreed to go with him , rather than face certain death., he not a bad looking guy, so was OK with her. When the rain started, she got her leg stuck in a steel trap. Ham tried to free her but couldnt  When Noah found him, trying to rescue his future wife, there wasnt alot of time with a mob coming towards the, but still.. Noah quite strong, being a construction worker, could have opened the trap quickly...

      Eventually Ham left after the flood. He couldnt forgive his dad for losing the tasty gal. Not much matchmaking opportunities in a world devoid of people unless he wanted to wait for his nieces to grow up. That is a looong time for DIY,,,,, Before you get indignant, in ancient days this was not uncommon to hookup with relatives , when situation dictated.   

      Maybe his dad has some instinct of his son being a bit off and didnt want him procreating?

      Also the Watchers were the giants I guess but made of stone.

      Also some weird earth element that gave them energy.

      Maybe before the flood was Atlantis, with higher technology?

      Also Noah father was going to transfer the blessing using some glowing snakeskin...




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    • I think TS's Noah's version sound more like the Da Vinci Code's plot. LOTR's story at least is based on the historical event of WWII

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    • Don’t watch
      Waste time waste money waste pop corn

    • Noah did not understand how frustrated Ham was and did not even offer him a bottle of Johnson baby oil somewhere in the middle of the movie you already know he wanted this son to be gay

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