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Anyone heard of Walton International?

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  • leon2309's Avatar
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    • Hi everyone!

      I was meeting up with my long time sec school friends over the long weekend and one of them recently got approached by her friend to buy an investment from Walton International. She was talking about it and indeed it sounds interesting. Can potentially double your investment in 3-4 years. She was also saying that her friend who is working in Walton is doing very well. Late 20s but can already afford to get married, owns a condo and drives a BMW 3 series.

      Just wondering, has anyone ever been approached by the people from Walton International to buy their investment products? What are the things that you feel or have heard about this?

      Also, the career in Walton. Sounds good. Anyone has heard anything about this as well?

      Pls share.


  • TTFU's Avatar
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    • My advice to you is do not get cheated/blinded by greed. However if you made a account to promote this company. Good Job.


  • bladez87's Avatar
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    • walton international is a hedge fund investment company. your friend only told you part of the truth. it is a successful investment company however in singapore, you need to be a accredited investor to invest in such non retail funds or alternatively invest 200k in 1 lump sum. for the guy who can get bmw etc, he is most likely from rich family, which is why he can invest in walton, so his networth 90% not from his investment, shld be from family.

      accredited individuals can invest for as low as 5k. but non accredited person like me, must invest 200k in 1 lump sum. ironic eh?

  • leon2309's Avatar
    3 posts since Feb '06
    • Don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to promote them. This is the first time I've heard about them. I'm just trying to find out more. 

      bladez87 > i'm not familiar with the accredited investor thing. But my friend did tell me that the min investment is $15k Sing dollars. My friend is not that rich to have 200k to invest (I think).  

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  • dukedracula's Avatar
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    • walton is a landbanking thingy, sells land in canada that's yet to be developed...it sells in plots to individuals....beware that the promise of development is far from certain....so you could end up with land in some ulu place....there have been complaints...so buyer beware....

  • leon2309's Avatar
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    • What kind of complains have there been? Not stuff like Sunshine Empire I hope.

      Is there any thread that discusses the complains?

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    • i'm going to shut this down coz almost ALL MLMs are scams..

      if you want to ask about it, this is a place where everyone will tell you that MLMs are scams...

      if you really want to be scammed, you can go to the MLM forum and you'll see a lot of really desperate people attempting to convince you and probably themselves that MLM is the way to go... and a lot of people who have been burnt flaming the shit outta them...


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