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The Little Bird and The Man

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  • ^Acid^ aka s|aO^eH~'s Avatar
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    • Once there was this little bird, who flew in the skies with it's family. However, one day while flying around, there was a storm, and the little bird got separated from its family.

      Lost, tired and injured, the little bird lay dying on the ground. Being a little warrior, however, it's will was strong. It tried to stand and hop with 1 leg. Even with the wings injured, it wasn't willing to just lie down and die. Though lost, hopping around would be better than just lying down and waiting for death or praying for miracle to happen. It hopped and stumbled a few times, each time getting back up to its feet again.

      Living was tough. It had to hide from cats and other predator. It had to scavenge food from the ground as it's wing are injured and it could not fly properly.

      One day, a man saw the little bird on the roadside. He brought it home, gave it food and tend to its injuries. He left in a beautiful cage, with automatic food and water dispenser. It led a sheltered life, no need to fear the lack food or water, no need to fear predator.

      Being grateful, the little bird decides to sing for the man. It sung of beautiful things, of miracles, of hopes. When the man was happy, it sung for him songs of happiness. When the man was down and moody, it sung for him songs of courage and inspiration. It sung with all its heart and soul, fuelled by gratitude.

      All was good, or at least that was what the little bird thought. However, little did the little expect that one day, the man told it to shut up. It seems that he wasn’t interested in its song. The little bird suddenly realised that all the man wanted was just a bird in a birdcage. The little bird was sad and kept quiet as it still had a feeling of gratitude to the man.

      Some quiet days had passed. The man had a terrible setback in his job. He was down, and the little bird never seen him so miserable before. It attempted and sung to him one more song, of ups and downs, of its life and how it had met with a hero. Unfortunately the man was not pleased. He scolded the bird and banged on the cage.

      That was the last straw. In the dawn of the next day, the little bird used its beak to unlock the lever locking the cage. It took a last look at the man, whom it once thought of, as it’s saviour and hero, its knight in shining armour. The little bird turned, spread its wings and flew, out of the cage and into the sky.

      It wasn’t that the little bird couldn’t escape the cage because it was injured. Rather, it chose not to. The little bird was not meant to live in a cage, and should be flying in the skies, but it stayed. However, no matter how grateful the little bird is, in the end, perhaps, all was not meant to be.

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    • Didn't know acid to have a flare in reflections... 友情诚可贵,爱情价更高。如与自由论,两者皆可抛。

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    • If you are in a relationship and things are not working out, both are unhappy, then you should not hang on, just because you feel indebted for something that he or she has done for you before. It's time to get out and each seek your own happiness elsewhere.

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    • angel7030 is back today. i missed her so much. nope i will be her bird in the cage forever. icon_lol.gif

  • Darkknighthuang's Avatar
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    • Originally posted by troublemaker2005:

      angel7030 is back today. i missed her so much. nope i will be her bird in the cage forever. icon_lol.gif

      She's just another troublemaker but I like and miss her too.

      She and I go back a long way but she's never let my bird in her cage.teeth.png

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    • This is a tricky story to reflect people's life. I think the bird should know why the man is not happy. Being partner will reach long-term relationship, definitely not by singing.

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