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Cats Get Caught Pretending To Be Humans

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    • Dear humans, cats are up to something again. Japanese Twitter user steak600g recently tweeted a photo of 3 cats looking suspiciously human-like, standing on their 2 feet, observing. What’s even scarier, when caught in the act, they reacted in a perfect synchrony.

      Were they imitating us? Observing us? Or maybe they were plotting to finalize human slavery and take over the world? Sadly, these are the questions we don’t have the answers to, yet (or Thank God!). But these kitties are still unbearably cute to look at, right?

      What could possibly get three cats to stand together so perfectly remains a mystery, but Japanese netizens were quick to offer theories, as well as gush over the cuteness:

      “Those cats look like they’re up to no good.”
      “Are they planning a… cat-burgling?”
      “Maybe they were meerkats in a past life. Or penguins.”
      “Who cares? They’re so cute!”


      “Dude look at the size of that litter box.”
      “You see the meat on that bird?

      “Hey, what are you lookin’ at, human?”
      “Er… we mean… meow?

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