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    • Cruel abusers coloured two kittens in blue and green using Sharpie pens.

      The kitties, who are only four-weeks-old, were discovered covered in permanent ink by animal centre volunteers.

      Rescuers from Bradford Catwatch Rescue nicknamed them ‘Shrek’ and ‘Smurf’, and branded the colouring in ‘a horrendous act of cruelty’.

      Katie Lloyd, the care co-ordinator of BCWRK, said: ‘I think it’s awful. We’ve dealt with some horrendous cruelty over the years but this is barbaric.’

      ‘It’s not paint or spray, we reckon it’s been done with Sharpie pens,’ she added. ‘Why would you sit and colour a cat in?

      ‘Both Smurf and Shrek were meticulously coloured in. Smurf had a tiny white tip on the tail and even that’s been coloured in with blue.

      ‘I’ve even got it on my skin and having a real job getting it off – I’m turning into a smurf myself!’

      The kittens have needed round-the-clock care since they were rescued, including fluid injections, bottle feeding and regular washing. A vet will also assess them to see what the long-term effects of the abuse will be.

      However, they are in relatively reasonable health – despite the trauma.

      ‘They’re not doing too badly considering,’ Katie said. ‘Smurf had breathing difficulties at 3am today but seems to be ok now. There’s no guarantee on their outcome, but we will do our absolute best.’

      With luck, the pair should be ready for rehoming in six to eight weeks.

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    • sibei jialat...



      the owner should be dyed in permenant blue to become avatar or green to become hulk icon_mad.gif

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