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Cat walks like T-Rex

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    • After an electric shock caused a cat's front paws and tail to drop off, the persevering feline gets around by roaming on his hind legs like a T-Rex. 

      Brown and white moggy 'Able' moves just like the frightening dinosaur after he lost his front paws from a massive electric shock from loose wires in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

      The brave kitten was nursed back to health and doesn't let his missing paws stop him from being a normal cat. 

      Able was just a one-year-old kitten when a bang so loud went off, neighbours thought a bomb had exploded. 

      Hundreds of volts surged through the cat's body, frying his tail and two front paws - leaving him helpless on the ground.

      Resident Walai Sriboonvorakul , 49, found Able, now three years old, stranded in an alley some seven days after the accident.

      She nursed him back to health and two years later he has made a full recovery - having learned how to negotiate flights of stairs, chase other cats and jump up walls by 'bouncing like a kangaroo'.


      Ms Sriboonvorakul said: 'Able is a beautiful cat. We called him "Able" because he can do everything just like the other animals.

      'He was electrocuted by wires. There was a loud bang and it sounded like a bomb. The electricity was so powerful his legs and tail dropped off. 

      Able struggled at first and his wounds were sore. But he adapted very quickly and he can stand and balance on his hind legs.

      'He is really strong and he can walk up and down stairs and play chase with other cats by bouncing like a little mini kangaroo. He can jump high up walls and ledges, too'

      The sick cat was lavished with love and food after being taken in to the family home.

      Ms Sriboonvorakul and son Copter, 26, said that they let Able roam freely around the garden and outside.

      But when he strayed too far the other stray dogs and cats that live outside ganged up on him and he would come hopping back.

      The family now keep him inside their two storey home and Able's favourite thing is running up to 'big brother' Copter's bedroom to wake him up every morning.

      Copter said: 'Able is one of the family. I'm like his big brother. He runs up the stairs to my bedroom to wake me up.

      'We play all the normal games with him. He is a pampered cat who has a good life now. He lost his legs but he found a loving home.'

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