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Live cats are put inside a claw machine

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    • Claw machines are one of the most popular arcade games in China.

      However, a shop has put live cats in one of its claw machines, sparking an outcry among the internet users. 

      A recent video clip shows the machine, located in an unspecified city, allows customers to try picking up the cats and dropping it into the funnel.

      The footage, which captures a man playing the claw machine, has drawn extreme comments on the social media.

      The machine has a sticker near its funnel, which said 'Master, bring me home'.

      One man can be seen moving the claw towards the white cat.

      As the video continues, one of the cats sitting at the back was alerted. It looked scared when the claw started to move towards it.

      The claw hit the neck of the white cat, but it failed to pick it up.

      The cat escaped, but the cats in the machine seemed to be frightened.

      It is unclear whether or not the machine belonged to a pet shop. 

      Web users have different opinions towards the video. 

      Some web users were tempted to try the machine with live felines as they were interested to see the cats' reactions.

       'Look at the cat's shocked face, how cute,' said  web user with the screen name 'Songhua107s'.

      'I want to try! Tell me where is this and I will bring some toys,' said another user 'k1ng'.

      But animal lovers disagreed and blamed the owner of the machine for the animal rights.

      'The sharp claw will hurt the cats! I am scared,' said user 'Auztheplanet'.

      'The cats were scared!' Another user, 'fantassyso', commented

      Other people felt such a marketing stunt has already brought negative mental impact on the cats.


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    • The claw machine containing cats for its gaming is both shocking and horrible. They should advertise via posters or give incentives for adoption of cats instead.

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