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Cat Museum appeals for funds for new home

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    • The Cat Museum is making an appeal for funds so it can move to a new home.

      Singapore's first and only cat museum is home to 20 cats and is also a shelter for other rescued cats.

      The museum in Purvis Street, will close on June 10 after its lease expires.

      Founder Jessica Seet, 52, aims to raise funds for a permanent "kitty orphanage", which will shelter older cats and a nursery for pregnant cats and newborn kittens.

      The museum will auction off cat trees, furniture and other items at the MadCatters' Pawty at Working Capital in Keong Saik Road tomorrow evening.

      Ms Seet, a voice and speech coach, started the cat shelter with her savings in 2015 to share her love for cats with others.

      As part of the museum's education efforts, Ms Seet teaches children about the responsibilities of raising a cat, and encourages them to have compassion for the animals.

      She said: "If you give people a good experience with an animal, not the feral ones in the community which may be fearful and scratch them, people's mindsets change towards the animal."

      The Cat Museum hopes to raise $1 million to purchase a permanent place of operations.

      It has raised 10 per cent since February through fundraising events like a pilates class with cats.

      Ms Seet and volunteers at the Cat Museum will keep the cats at their own homes until they find a new location.

      The Cat Museum will continue with rescues, albeit on a smaller scale, even after it closes in June, Ms Seet added.

      Said Ms Seet: "Rescuers don't want to put cats in other shelters as they might put them to sleep. So they come to us."

      Tickets can be found on The Cat Museum's website.



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