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Men wearing sanitary pad

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    • howdy!


      Just want toask wether any guys wear sanitary pad, not onlly for sexual purpose, like wearing them to prevent smells from your dick, or even wear it for the sake of other hygiene practises. My friends wear it for masturbation, while I buy use it because i m afraid of smelly urine odours. Actually I've gott no problem purchasing the pads from the stores, just ignore if the casher looks at you. There's nothing to be shy, even sanitary pads are also designed for men, but seldom seen on shelves in departmental stores. Brand name is Tena. My friends think wearing a pad during masturbation is good as the pads could absorb the substance, no need to stain it anywhere. There's nothing to be shy, because sanitary pad isn't just for women usage. Come on, be a men and wear it, nothing wrong with wearing it. Do you wear them too? I hope I m not the only one here.


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    • how about tampons up ur behind?

      and which kuku tell u tt pads can absorb "the substance"?

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    • The only time i heard of guys using it was from a korean mate of mine. He told me it is a very effective thingy to use. Weird rite? Apparently not, coz some of them used it to pad their inside of the boots in the army during winter period. It helps keep their boots dry. Why is it that important? Well, what happen to the sweat/water gather inside ur boot if u are out field at freezing temperature? Dun wanna lost afew toe or have icy feet? Use a pad.

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    • the topic is so er xin...

      i can't connect pad with guys...

      next time, use pad to slap your face teeth.pngangel.png

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    • my fren say if u wear shoe den ur feet pain because of poor shoe design, den u can put a sanitary pad inside of your shoe to absorb the shock and to protect ur feet.

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    • I used to know a guy who uses sanitary pads

      But coz he takes this slimming pills...you know the one that prevents your body from absorbing oil?

      One of the side effects of that weight loss pill is that oil leaks out from your behind and the pad helps to absorb it  icon_lol.gif

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    • Whats the big deal about men wearin pads? Nothing wrong what...you people r too sensitive lah put the pad in his underwear n rub his dick on it until semen come out.The pad will absorb mah, so his mother will not suspect anything when washing his underwear. use n throw, so convenient! lol

      Originally posted by TWE:

         I really wonder how your friend use a pad to masturbate . Care to tell us ?

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    • Ha! The replies on this topic are so funny!

      Yeah its completely normal. Nothing wrong with any of that.

      Um yeah some girls have heavy periods so bad it requires them to wear nappies.

      I'm not a doctor but here they say for good bladder function don't go to the toilet all the time. Try to hold in as long as you really need to go. It helps keep bladder healthy 'til old age when you require sanitary pads and keeps pelvis healthy for when you hae a girlfriend and stop masturbating to pads one day....

      Also the general rule with guys is, if you are worried about smells downstairs, please see your doctor and he/she might give you medicine to take for a little while.

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    • Originally posted by sir_peanuts:

      wear a diaper, it solves everything, the smell the substance the shock absorbing.

      LOL~ AGREED~

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    • topic starter a bit siao siao...nvr heard of men wearing...sound gay 2 me although maybe nth worng...

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