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Best way to have free sex

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    • Look for those illegial prostituties who come illegially to singapore to be prostituties.

      Tell them that you want to have sex with them and are willing to pay them.

      Say that you don't want to have sex with her in the hotel because waste money. So drive her to a deserted and quiet place to have sex with her.

      After you have fuck her, don't pay her. Whack her, tie her nake body up, take her handbag with all her money and her hp and than drive away.

      Because she is a illegial porstitutie, she will not dare to report to the police otherwise she will get jail.

      So you not only have free sex with her, you can whack her too and take away all her money and hp too.

      good idea right?

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    • 1 - grow a longer wang

      2 - give yourself a blow job

      3 - hey, you are giving and receiving oral sex at the same time

      this is what i call killing 2 birds with 1 stone

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  • Scania N113CRB l0v3r's Avatar
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    • ... ltr kena HIV , i dun wan.. i rather find a good n kind n love gf (married first then piak)

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    • if u got a car...

      why would u do that? just go club la

      Edited by [J]erry 25 Feb `09, 2:09PM
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