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    • I have some troubles and I hope to share and get some advice.

      This happened last night, at the lavender area.

      I was meeting my friends to go celebrate with them a friend’s birthday.

      Recently, my friends have been going out a lot, and spending money, so I have been declining invitations as I had a lot of troubles on my mind and wanted some peace and quiet, and also to save some money.

      This time, I agreed to meet with them as I though it would be rude to not attend a friend’s birthday celebrations.

      After supper, they said they wanted to for a clean massage.

      My friends said and assured me that we will all only go for clean message, as they knew I disliked going for such places.

      They said it will be decent.

      In the end, they couldn’t find a slot, as the waiting time was over 2 hours for the more well-known decent parlor.

      So they walked around and just choose one at random.

      It looked quite 2nd rate, with a transparent see-through door, so I thought it should be okay

      It was my first time, so I did not know what to do.

      The masseur told me to take a shower first, (she gave instructions outside the room).

      It was a small room but with a small shower cubicle.

      I was worried, as this was my very first time in a massage parlor, with a full body massage parlor.

      I tried to leave my pants on, but she told me to take them off and wrap a tower around myself.

      So I did that but left my underwear on.

      Later on, she entered the room and I got onto the massage table, face down, with the head-rest and all, while she began the massage rub, with the oil and all.

      She also unwrapped the tower I wrapped around my waist and she also asked me to take off my underwear, because the massage oil would get all over the underwear, so I became very worried and wondered what kind of place my friends took me to.

      I insisted that I would keep my underwear on and she said it is completely up to me, just that the massage oil would get onto it.

      At that point, I was raising my voice and she told me to keep it quiet as i was disturbing the other guests.

      She said I could quit now if I wanted to.

      I decided to stay but with my own underwear on.

      So I kept my underwear on.

      At first, it was okay, and I started to relax, that maybe it was a clean place after all.

      The masseur started chatting with me, they were all from China and she asked me what I did for a living, and I said I was in the private education sector. She thought I was a teacher and muttered something about a teacher coming to massage for the first time – I couldn’;t make it out.

      I am not a teacher, by the way, I do admin and clerical work in the back-office.

      When the back part of the body was done, she asked me to turn around, and I did.

      Then she asked, if I wanted a message around the groin area.

      That was when alarm bells started ringing in my head.

      Firstly, she did not offered a “special”.

      I firstly said that I didn’t want to, because I was freaking out.

      Then she said it only involved touching the inner thighs and the hips, nothing more.

      So I said okay, because I thought that it was part of the package.

      She then said that it was a $60 special package that involved a massage around the inner thighs area and hips. She added that it is $60 because it was additional work.

      I said no and shook my head “no”.

      At this point, she said that she would just massage and body rub the legs.

      She also started talking to me, saying that in the future, I shouldn’t come to such places anymore and “learn bad things”, and that it was also quite expensive.

      She said I just wasted my money, $50 bucks, because I was too tense and nervous, and that the point of massage is to be relaxed

      After the leg massage was was done,

      After I was done, she said it was over and I could either take a shower or just put my clothes on.

      I just put my clothes on and started looking for my friends, in their own rooms.

      She said no need to and lead me back to the lobby.

      Later on, when my friends came out, I told them of my experience and they didn’t really take my complaints and worries seriously.

      Two things became obvious:

      1) None were asked to take off their underwear; although they said that sometimes, you could do so if you did not want to get your underwear with oil or to keep the bed clean

      2) None were offered the $60 special package (?)

      3) Also, their front massage also received massages on the shoulders and tummy.

      I complained about the experience to my friends, and they said they just choose this parlor as there were no other parlors around.

      Does anybody have any idea whether I was in a clean parlor or not? Because I completely have no experience in this at all.

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