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party for 100 pax

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  • ^SiAn Ah^ nb's Avatar
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    • Hi guys, I'm planning a party during end of December and need to rent a location in which big enough for at least 100 ppl, will be getting DJ and lightings so just wondering where can I rent which won't disturb till the ppl staying nearby?

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  • ^Acid^ aka s|aO^eH~'s Avatar
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    • Hmmmm, apart from really 包 1 whole club, I dun think it's easy to find place which wont disturb the ppl staying nearby...

      Chalet will get thrown out, Hotel function room definately cannot havoc till late night, Community centre impossible coz all near HDB. Even if you do at open space like East Coast Park, if ppl call police also sian...

      Nearby island I think also abit not suitable...

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