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Is Sexual and Sexist University Orientation Camp acceptable?

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      • http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/this-urban-jungle/is-such-a-sexually-suggestive-game-allowed-guy-pushes-crotch-against-girls-face

      University orientation is basically just new students gather together and have fun and bonding together.

      But my google search on my country shows otherwise.

      Somehow because of the seniors organizing university orientation, and therefore, some seniors attempted to change the orientation games

      and pressure new students to participate sexual and sexist activities.


      Its totally alright for guys here to get excited about sexual and sexist activities, and maybe even girls.

      But is it the right place, the right time to do so?

      Yes university orientation is optional, but does sexual and sexist activities makes the university orientation an orientation?

      Are the students going to universities for learning lewd and lascivious behaviours? (hint: no)


      How about we look at this in a better perspective, perhaps the sexual and sexist activities is for the age 21,23 youngsters to get into relationships? To get to learn more about the opposite sex of the taboo topics?


      “The camp facilitators were making the girls … lick (whipped) cream off his neck, his nipples and also rub (their) hands on his thigh, trying to sexually stimulate him,” wrote the author, who identified herself as “Ms. Ng”.

       Most students who were interviewed had either seen or heard of similar activities.


      Psychology Camp organizer Lau Boon Yen described a similarly sexual-themed activity called Secret Pals.

      “They wake the participants up at 3 a.m. and blindfold them, and make the girl sit on the guy’s lap,” Lau said.


      Some of the activities involved hugging, passing of coin-sized objects from mouth to mouth, lying on top of each other, or even taking up sexually suggestive positions, all with members of the opposite sex. 


       It would probably be alright if freshmen were mutually agreeable and sporting enough to participate in games distinguishable from an orgy only by the wearing of clothes, though such arousing physical tasks may develop into something else post-orientation.


      The ragging trend spilled into Singapore Polytechnic as well, with victims forced to stand on chairs, belted with verbal abuse and forced to walk around campus topless.


      ‘Taupoking’ was the planking of varsity games in 2005, which involved freshmen piling one of top of another like how footballers celebrate a goal except less enjoyable and you’re likely to emerge from the bottom of the pack unable to move your bowels for the next couple of days.


      In a phone interview with Stomp, he said that the camp was held off-campus and male students had to take off their shirts when they entered this "zone".

      At the chalet, there was a sign put up that said "No shirts allowed beyond this point!" and the students cannot say no.


      Although games often involve forfeits, I do not see how a forfeit of a female partner stripping the swimming trunks off her male partner has anything to do with promoting sports. And what about having girls sit on guys' laps on the bus from NTU to Sentosa?

      In fact, the sports camp was littered with embarrassing game rules and forfeits involving excessive and unnecessary physical contact between male and female participants.


      Try having a forfeit to grind a guy :/


      oh yah!

      i rber got one orientation......got this stupid game.....

      everyone mus stand on a bench (those canteen bench) and points are awarded according to how many ppl u can squeeze within the limited space and eberyone mus balance.....and i dunno which cock organiser's idea, say mus be guy-ger alternating......

      so my br3asts (a-cup) are pressing on the back of the guy in front of me, and i can feel the bazhang of the guy behind me pressing against my butt......wah piangz........i dun think this is how u "get to know your schoolmates" .......


      Walau ey! So young doing the 69 position. This happened because the institution management never look into the organising team and the activities. Last time in one orientation programme, the guys were made to rub with their wet bodies across the many wet girls who laid down on the floor. Then last time during my orientation, I heard from some other freshmen that some chio girls were asked to follow the seniors to a corner or into a classroom...don't ask me what they did.


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      fake http://newnation.sg/2014/08/sporean-student-gets-pregnant-playing-universitys-freshmen-orientation-camp-games/

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