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    • Originally posted by foolsh_2000:

      The taxi maybe trying to cut queue to take paxs.very kiasu.

      need to do until like that? 

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    • No lah, actually he wanted to join the Q, but the hotel warden told him to fark off and Q again, he tulan step on the pedal and move out….but to late, turbo kicked in, so becareful Korean make car hor, especially taxi like sonata, epic..a, Renault, i30, i40, kia..now you know why SMRT and CDG go for Pirius.

    • After this incident, I think MBS wardens will respect taxi driver more…lols

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    • Must had another night of poor income/fare

      See if my casket company got this business or not, I volunteer to send him.

      Edited by bowah 04 Oct `16, 9:49AM
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    • tuesday i was at MBS tower 1

      got one indian staff don't know how to control traffic

      too many warden very confusing 

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    • This morning I was at swissotel Stamford, got 3 Malaysia ah nehs acting as both bellboy and doorman, I arrived from AP with 2 ang moh caus and many luggage, beside there was another bus ferrying Emirates Airline crews to AP, these 3 nehs keep talking to each other about roti Chennai and Malaysia goring pisang stories, the whole place was a mess.

      Then on of my ang moh..shouted and farked them cau cau

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    • TAxi COnfession



      In his 26 years as a taxi driver, Mr Jimmy Gan has probably seen it all.

      Scheming passengers who bolt upon reaching their destinations to avoid paying the fare is nothing new - he has seen many such customers.

      Among his toughest customers are "young punks" who board his cab in groups of three or four and direct him to multiple stops at various ends of the island, only to run off.

      Mr Jimmy Gan used to own a renovation business before he became a taxi driver. TNP PHOTO: NOOR ASHIKIN ABDUL RAHMAN

      He has also had his fair share of unwell passengers throwing up in his taxi.

      But Mr Gan, 61, is not the one to harp on the negative.

      Instead, the easy-going veteran cabby prefers to take everything in his stride.

      He told The New Paper: "To tell you the truth, the bad overrides the good most of the time (in this industry). Perhaps it is my nature to forget them and not take them to heart.

      "The day is still long, tomorrow will be a better day. So as far as possible, I try to make it easier on myself so that the job is less stressful.

      "We give and take, we cannot take things too hard to survive in this world."

      So how does he deal with difficult passengers or bad days?

      "If I can sense that the passengers are (up to no good) and purposely making me drive all around the island, I will advise them to split cabs as that is more cost-effective for them. Usually, I'm pretty successful," he said.

      And if passengers end up evading the fare, he let it slide.

      "If it's only $10 or $20 then it's not a big bomb. Is it worth making you so unhappy? Forget it," said Mr Gan, who drives a Trans-Cab taxi.

      Mr Gan, who does the early shift, became a taxi driver in 1990 after his renovation business failed.

      The sole breadwinner and father of three grown children has been with multiple taxi companies over the years, including Comfort and CityCab.

      On weekdays, he usually starts at about 6.30am and ends at 5.30pm.

      He might be in his 60s and has been in the trade for far longer than his younger counterparts but he is far from "jaded".

      Eager to learn and improve himself, Mr Gan signed up as a driver-partner with ride-hailing service GrabCar in 2013.

      He had initial reservations about the service but was eager to try it out for himself.

      He admitted that many of his friends - both taxi drivers and non-taxi drivers alike - constantly debated the pros and cons of ride-hailing services like GrabCar.

      "There was even quarrelling among ourselves, with some saying that it was stealing their rice bowl. I told them, 'If you can't beat them, join them. Why not?" he said.

      According to Mr Gan, he has enjoyed a 15 per cent increase in income since joining GrabCar.

      Before this, he earned anything from $20 to $100 daily.

      But a steady income is little comfort for some of his cabby friends within his age group.

      "Some of them are not willing to learn, some are also stubborn. But I always tell them that is they are not willing to change or upgrade, they will become obsolete one day," he said.


      1 When all the taxi drivers seem to 'change shift' all day...

      "Sometimes, these drivers need to run an errand so they will switch on the 'Change Shift' sign. That is the good thing about this job, the freedom for the driver that can comes with it. But if taxi drivers do not indicate that and turn passengers away or insist that they are only going to a particular destination, then they are inviting complaints," said Mr Gan.

      2 When taxi drivers drive too fast or too slow...

      Inform them - it's that simple.

      "I prefer passengers informing me nicely instead of just keeping quiet and then writing a negative feedback later on," he said.

      3 When taxi drivers are unsure of the route...

      Simply ask the passenger if they have a preferred route.

      "Some taxi drivers I know, usually the newer ones, are too shy to ask in case they lose face. Even after 26 years, there are many corners of Singapore that I am unfamiliar with. We are all learning every day," said Mr Gan.

      4 When passengers bring the King of Fruits into the vehicle...

      Long story short - don't. It takes a long time to get rid of the smell of durians.

      "We ferry passengers all day. When the smell circulates in the cab, thanks to the aircon filter, it takes two or three days before it completely disappears. When that happens, passengers might complain or send us a feedback," he said.

      5 When taxi drivers seem to take the longer route...

      "We typically take the fastest route to the destination so that we can pick up other passengers. More often than not, taxi drivers do not mean to take the wrong or longer route but they are unsure and are too shy to ask the passengers," said Mr Gan.


      source and videos

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    • 司机申诉机场‘召’300德士 无客载 受困3小时

      2016年10月22日 星期六 03:43 PM/赖凌杉林礼颖来自/新明日报

      记者走访机场,向德士司机了解情况。(曾美玲 摄影)













      樟宜机场:为免搭客久候 早已有此系统





      为了更好地帮助德士司机估算各个搭客大厦的德士需求量,当局也在2009年于机场林荫道(Airport Boulevard)设立德士信息展示系统(TIDS) ,通知司机哪个搭客大厦最需要德士,好让他们能够更明智地做出选择。


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    • "I'm going to kill him": Female passenger gets into fight with cabby after refusing to pay $6 fare


      What will you do to evade paying a taxi fare? If you are this lady, getting into fights is not off limits.

      A video posted by Boo Guan on All Singapore Stuff shows a woman arguing with a cab driver over the fare...which was six dollars.

      The woman yells at the driver to "call police, I'm going to kill him," while a man, who she later calls "her husband", tries to restrain her.

      The videographer tells her not to run and promises to make her "famous" online.

      The woman also hits the videographer before saying "it's f**king two dollar".

      She later tells the cameraman that she will pay him four dollars and "her husband will go to seven eleven to get more two dollar".

      However she seems to change her mind and walks off, saying, "I don't care".

      go to stomp to see the video

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    • LOBANG to earn either $1300 incentive or $200 referral fee. 


      From now onwards, drivers with TDVL (Taxi Driver Vocational Licence) are eligible for $1300 incentive should you be keen to join UBER.


      Eigible: Brand new uber driver or inactive with uber for at least 30 days. 


      Whatsapp 96283552 for more info.

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    • Taxi driver identified as robber 7 years after his crime, based on his DNA

      A man who was high on drugs and desperate to clear his debts armed himself with a knife and robbed a woman at Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Orchard Road in August 2008, a court heard.

      Chia Hwa Beng cut himself accidentally on the wrist while fleeing from the scene of crime and left traces of his blood on the floor.

      For seven years, however, Chia was not identified as the culprit behind the crime - until police took his DNA sample in May last year.

      On Friday (Nov 11), Chia, now 50, was jailed for 33 months and fined $30,000, after he pleaded guilty to one charge each of robbery and assisting an unlicensed moneylender.

      Chia, who was at first charged with armed robbery, escaped the mandatory six strokes of the cane for his lesser charge as he is above 50. Male offenders above this age cannot be caned.

      A district court heard that the robbery victim, a 58-year-old woman, accompanied her mother-in-law for an appointment at a cardiology clinic at Mount Elizabeth Hospital on Aug 18, 2008.

      At about 4pm, the victim left the clinic to use the toilet.

      "At that time, Chia had consumed "ganja" (a street name for cannabis), and he was feeling desperate as he had large debts and his creditor was harassing him," said Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) Chong Yong.

      "When he saw the victim enter the female toilet on the 11th floor, he formed the intention to rob her and thus followed her into the female toilet and waited outside the cubicle she had entered," said DPP Chong.

      When she opened the door, Chia pushed her and demanded she hand over her belongings .

      The victim pretended to faint, hoping that someone else would enter the toilet and help her, the court heard.

      As she lay on the toilet floor, Chia pulled at her handbag, but the woman resisted.

      She then saw Chia holding a 13cm long stainless steel blade.

      Fearful, she gave him her $3,000 Rolex watch.

      Chia also demanded she hand over her diamond ring. Just then, a nurse entered the toilet.

      Panicking, he snatched the woman's handbag containing $1,650 in cash, among other things, and fled in a cab. The total value of the items he took was $5,580. He did not get the ring.

      The court also heard that in April 2014, Chia's vocational taxi driver's license was suspended for three months.

      He picked up gambling and would go on casinos on the ship three to four times a week to gamble, said DPP Chong.

      He took loans from several loansharks in order to feed his gambling habit and racked up debts.

      Two months later, he agreed to help a loanshark carry out fund transfers using his bank account. In return, the loanshark would reduce the interest rate on Chia's $5,000 loan, from 25 per cent to 10 per cent.

      Between June and August that year, Chia allowed the loanshark to deposit money into his bank account, and would transfer it to other bank accounts as instructed.

      The punishment for robbery is between two and 10 years' jail, with at least six strokes of the cane; and for assisting an unlicensed moneylender, for a first conviction, a fine of between $30,000 and $300,000, and jail of up to four years.



    • Car hits taxi while passenger was opening its door to alight -- and now she has to pay almost $5,000


      The Straits Times
      Thursday, Nov 10, 2016

      Open the rear door of a cab to alight and it hits another vehicle, and you may have to pay for the damage.

      A passenger who got out of a cab in a mall lobby driveway will do just that in a test case settled in the State Courts on Monday between all three parties involved. 

      In the case, Ms Amanda Tng, 29, had boarded the cab in Killiney Road on April 24, 2014, and was bound for The Furniture Mall in Toh Guan Road.

      After cab driver Zailani Hassan, 51, pulled up outside the recessed drop-off point at the mall's driveway lobby, she opened the door on the right side to get out, not realising a car was passing at that moment.

      The collision dislodged the taxi door and left the other car badly damaged with deep scratches and a dent down its entire left side.

      Travex, the company which owned the damaged car, sued Mr Zailani through its lawyer Ling Leong Hui for negligence.

      His insurers, in turn, represented by lawyer Anthony Wee, named Ms Tng as a third party in the case, seeking to hold her liable for contributory damage payable.

      Ms Tng denied the claims in court papers filed, pointing out she did not open the door suddenly and the Travex driver should have seen the cab as he was pulling into the driveway.

      All parties appeared before District Judge Koh Juay Kherng on Monday, who is understood to have urged them to arrive at a consensus among themselves.

      The three parties agreed to each take some of the blame, with Travex accepting 50 per cent of it. This halved the bill for damage, to be shared between Mr Zailani and Ms Tng, who bore 30 per cent of it.

      Her lawyer Tng Kim Choon said the cost of repair was agreed at $5,900 which meant Ms Tng's contribution was about $2,000. He said the legal costs to the Travex driver and the cab driver added another $3,000, which meant her overall payout totalled $5,000.

      He said yesterday: "I hope this case will alert the authorities and members of the public on a matter which may have been overlooked."

      He noted there was case law holding a passenger liable if he were to alight at a traffic junction and cause injury to a third party and the taxi driver was caught unawares.

      But Mr Tng said that the past case law had "nothing similar" to that of his client who was held liable, even though the taxi driver had not used the designated passenger drop-off point.

      She had to pay almost $5,000 as her contribution for the repair and for legal costs even though there was no trial. "Had this case proceeded to trial, I would have taken it on appeal on a point of public interest whatever the outcome," he noted.

      He explained the issue was whether a cab driver owed a duty of care to his passenger to ensure not only the latter's safety but also that the passenger is not liable as a third party for damage to the taxi and the plaintiff's car in a collision.

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    • JUST IN: Taxi crashes in to Thai eatery at Toa Payoh Lorong 1, opposite Braddell MRT https://t.co/SV06Ul4vL0

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    • 2 reasons,

      1. Driver never go medical checkup, kenna attack due to too much PHV
      2. Driver blame Sonata engine surge 3 to 4 times like PHV price surge

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