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    • 6 Reasons The Taxi Population Has Fallen that Aren’t Grab or Uber

      The taxi industry is in trouble. According to a recent report, the taxi population is the lowest it’s been in eight years. In fact, the taxi population has fallen every year since 2014, the year after Uber and Grab appeared on the scene.

      Everyone knows Grab and Uber are the chief culprits, which has led directly or indirectly to calls to regulate car share services. Everything from requiring car share drivers to get a vocational licence to, most recently, imposing a miminum age on Grab and Uber drivershas been suggested.

      But even if the Grab and Uber car supply gets drastically restricted, that doesn’t mean the taxi industry will ever see it’s pre-2014 heydays. The transport industry has been evolving over the years and is a far cry from what it used to be. Here are six other reasons taxi numbers have fallen.


      1. Growing popularity of cycling and PMDs

      Singaporeans have taken to PMDs such as kick scooters like fish to water, as a way of finding an alternative to paying for an expensive COE while avoiding long waits for buses and MRT breakdowns.

      And the LTA, probably sensing that getting more Singaporeans into cycling and PMDs is a good way to reduce the number of complaints about MRT breakdowns, plans to install more bicycle parking spaces and has already extended indefinitely the scheme allowing foldable bikes and PMDs on public transport.


      2. Rise of bike sharing

      The future of bike-sharing looks bright. Despite some earlier hiccups, bike-sharing operators have been setting up stations in various neighbourhoods in Singapore.

      Like PMD users, many bike sharing users use this mode of transport to get themselves to the nearest MRT station—a trip that no doubt some used to make by taxi, especially in areas with unreliable bus services.

      The LTA intends to triple the number of people in Singapore using cycling as part of their daily commute, which will do the taxi industry no favours.


      3. Enhanced MRT network

      Remember the days when the MRT network consisted only of the red and green lines? Back then, relying on a combination of feeder buses and the MRT could take so long, people often had no choice but to hob into a cab in order to not have to spend their remaining years on public transport.

      The MRT network today has grown considerably over the years, and will continue to do so in the next few years. With more people living within walking distance of an MRT station, that also means that fewer people would actually save time by taking a taxi.


      4. Rise of flexi work and staggered hours

      While the typical Singapore workplace is still far from flexible, many public sector employees now enjoy staggered hours. You also hear now and then of young people working in start-ups who get to work remotely or enjoy flexi hours. Then there’s the growing number of freelancers and gig workers who don’t need to show up at the office at 9am.

      That also means fewer people will be faced with the urgency of having to rush to work in a cab because they woke up late.


      5. Smaller family sizes and rising number of singles

      Think it’s tough taking the MRT? Try doing so with a screaming kid clutching at your ankles. While a car tends to be regarded as a necessity for families with young children or elderly people, those who can’t afford one usually end up taking a cab.

      Now that our birth rate has fallen to such a spectacularly low level, family sizes are much smaller than before, and more couples are not having children at all. That means the number of families who take taxis because it’s hard to handle their kids might fall, too.


      6. Cab shortages

      Despite the wake-up call that car share services have delivered to taxi drivers, cab shortages continue to be a big problem. You STILL get rejected by multiple cabs who all claim they’re “changing shift”.

      If you need to wait one hour to get a cab home after work, there is little reason not to just take the MRT—or order a Grab or Uber.


      What does this mean for the taxi industry?

      Take a look at the reasons above. Most of them are actually positive for society at large. More people cycling and a more comprehensive MRT network can take pressure off the roads and ease traffic congestion, not to mention offer Singaporeans a cheaper and faster way to get around.

      No matter how much the authorities try to protect the taxi industry, it may be time to admit that Singapore would be better off with fewer cabs anyway.

      Instead of brainstorming ways to tweak the booking process or taxi fares, it may be time to cushion the blow for taxi drivers and help them make transitions to other careers. For instance, subsidies could be offered to incentivise taxi drivers to take courses and acquire skills that will enable them to do other jobs.


      The post 6 Reasons The Taxi Population Has Fallen that Aren’t Grab or Uber appeared first on the MoneySmart blog.

    • ... that taxi drivers prefer cash payments, Grab also launched an instant payout feature that allows drivers with POSB or DBS bank accounts to instantly transfer fares collected via GrabPay into their bank accounts. Grab aims to roll out this feature to ...

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    • we have 5 or6 taxi companies but let one non-taxi company using technology to control the whole transport industrial?? humm it time for all the taxi companies to come out the same things and bring back customers. actually what comfort new apps are doing is one of the way all the taxi companies should do. try to merge public transport system and allow people freely transfer from one kind of transport to another.

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    • in singapore we still need uber as Grab is grabing too much in the market. Also if LTA can open up the yellow top taxi market, it will be a big game changers here.

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    • this is what competition is about

    • ... the animosity between taxis and private-hire cars, Mr Lim said: "Everyone has ... rental fees, administrative costs and insurance coverage. After about four years, the... joining Uber in offering privately chauffeured cars which were cheaper than cabs. Going...

    • ComfortDelgro introduces Alipay option for its taxis http://str.sg/4rqb 

    • Taxi catches fire in KPE tunnel



      A Transcab taxi caught fire in the Kallang-Paya Lebar Expressway (KPE) tunnel on Tuesday (Aug 29) night, causing smoke to fill the tunnel.

      Pictures posted on social media show a red cab on fire, while other videos show smoke in the tunnel.

      The Land Transport Authority in a tweet at 7.20pm advised motorists to avoid lane four due to an accident on the KPE, towards the TPE, after the East Coast Park entrance.

      The Straits Times understands that the fire has been put out and there are no injuries reported so far.

      Witnesses say there were announcements asking drivers to leave their cars and exit the tunnels. Some drivers managed to reverse out, but cars were not stopped from entering the tunnel.

      "I saw a lot of smoke but couldn't see what was on fire. There was an announcement asking people to leave the tunnel," said hotelier Doreen Lim, 52, who was in a taxi heading to Sengkang at about 7.25pm. 

      Her cab left the tunnel by the Upper Paya Lebar exit.

      Housewife Ong Soh Ching told The Straits Times that she entered the Marina Coastal Expressway (MCE) at about 7.30pm.

      "From Maxwell towards ECP, there was already a sign that said there was an accident after Port Road," she said. "But there was no warning to say please do not enter MCE."

      She said there were flashing blue lights and radio signals appeared to have been jammed in the tunnel.

      Instead, a message was being broadcast asking drivers to abandon their cars and look for the nearest exit.

      A video she shared shows a broadcast of an LTA announcement saying: "This is an LTA emergency announcement. Drive out of the tunnel now via the nearest exit. If unable, turn off your engine and walk to the nearest emergency exit with a bluish-white flashing light."

      Ms Soh, who exited at Fort Road, did not see the cab on fire but said there was a smell like burning rubber.

      "I don't think anyone abandoned their cars," she added.

      The Singapore Civil Defence Force in a Facebook post at 7.52pm said it is attending to a vehicle fire in the KPE tunnel, towards TPE, before the Pan-Island Expressway exit.

      "The fire has been extinguished. There are no reported injuries," it said.

      Buses on SBS Transit bus service 30 were diverted before the Marina Coastal Expressway (MCE), the bus operator tweeted at 8.11pm.


    • Grab offers huge rental discounts in bid to poach ComfortDelGro cabbies


      Amid signs of rising competition, Grab has sent out a message to ComfortDelGro cabbies offering significant rental discounts to those willing to switch to a rival taxi fleet that partners the ride sharing company.

      The move comes two weeks after ComfortDelgro, Singapore's largest taxi operator with nearly 16,000 taxis under its Comfort and CityCab brands, announced that it was exploring a "potential strategic alliance" with Uber.

      ComfortDelGro has not joined Grab's ride hailing platform, while other taxi operators like TransCab, Prime, SMRT, and Premier have done so.

      A Grab spokesperson confirmed on Monday (Sept 4) that a text message had been sent out to ComfortDelGro taxi drivers on Sunday night (Sept 3).  

      The message read: “Dear Comfort Cabbie, huge rental discount deals from Sept 4 to 15.

      "S$50 rental discount per day, if you switch your taxi rental over to any of our taxi-fleet partners (TransCab, Prime, SMRT, Premier). No targets. No questions asked."

      The S$50 discount is about 40 per cent off the average S$118 per day rental that ComfortDelGro taxi drivers pay for models like the Hyundai Elantra and the Toyota Vios.

      The message from Grab also offered a “S$1688 rental discount per month” if drivers switched over to a private-hire car at GrabRentals or Grab’s exclusive fleet partners. The drivers, however, have to hit a target of 20 trips per week to qualify for this incentive.






      who going over?

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    • Uber Is Enemy Of Taxi Companies. Uber Provide Taxi services on cash and its also costly but in my opnion mostly taxi companies are cheap and use credit card taxi. thats the main reason people like still taxi services.

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    • huh?!?!?!?!

    • TransCab crashes into back of Comfort cab at Airport Boulevard


      A TransCab taxi crashed into the rear of a ComfortDelGro taxi today (Sept 11) at around 12.30am, along Airport Boulevard.

      Stomper Tang, a cabby, was driving past the vicinity and witnessed the accident.

      He quickly snapped some photos and sent them to Stomp.

      In the photos, the rear wheels of the ComfortDelGro taxi were lifted off the road and its boot was wide open.

      The TransCab taxi, on the other hand, suffered major damage on its bonnet, with its hood crumpled by the impact.

      Its front bumper had also fallen off. 

      Tang told Stomp that he did not see any injured victims at the scene.

      Stomp has contacted the Police for an official statement on the accident.

    • Who's right, who's wrong? Cabby and passenger argue over whose route to take for flat fare ride


      A taxi driver and his passenger got into a heated argument after they both had their choice of preferred route.

      It is unclear when and where exactly the incident occurred, though a video of the dispute was posted on the Singapore Taxi Driver Facebook group.

      In the video, the Comfort taxi driver can be heard relating his situation to a third person on the phone.

      The driver had apparently wanted to take an alternative route to avoid a traffic jam on the Central Expressway (CTE), but the passenger insisted on his chosen route.

      Hence, the cabby wanted to drop the passenger off "at the side of nowhere", the passenger can be heard saying.

      It was mentioned in the conversation that this was a ride with a flat fare too.

      Cabby's perspective:

      "You go by the driver's way, not the passenger's way."

      "He [the passenger] does not want to go my way, so I have to drop him."

      Passenger's perspective:

      "The passenger has a choice too, you know."

      "I am paying for this [ride] and I have the right to refuse [your route]. You go by my way."

      Netizens' comments:

      "Flat rate of cos driver's way, but if it is by [the] meter, then follow passenger's way."

      "Normally, for flat fares, the driver will go by the fastest way."

      "Of course, taxi driver is right. No choosing of route for flat fare riders."

      "To know that it is a flat fare and being told there is a traffic jam on the CTE, and yet insist on going that route is to deliberately make things difficult for the taxi uncle."

      "Both need to go for good education courses."


    • Cabby and Grab driver hurl vulgarities at each other


      A video of a Grab driver and a cabby engaged in an expletive-laden shouting match has been circulating online.

      Stomper Edros alerted Stomp to the video, which All Singapore Stuff also uploaded on Facebook.

      According to the video caption, the dispute occurred at Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal though its cause cannot be ascertained.

      In the clip, the two men hurled vulgarities at each other. 

      When one of them was about to leave in his taxi, which had the Grab decal on it, the other guy said, "Why? No strength already ah?"


    • 64-year-old cabby sent to hospital after accident with garbage truck at Jurong West

      A 64-year-old male taxi was sent to the hospital after an accident with a garbage truck along Jurong West Street 75, towards Jurong West Street 81, today morning (Sep 29).

      Responding to media queries by Stomp, the police said they were alerted to the accident at 10.36am.

      The cabby was unconscious when sent to Ng Teng Fong General Hospital.

      Stomper Ravin was at the accident site at around 1pm and said he only saw a taxi there.

      A video that he filmed shows the TransCab taxi attached to a tow truck.

      A police car and a police bike were also at the scene.

      Police investigations are ongoing.


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