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Uber is illegal in Taiwan

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    • http://www.zaobao.com.sg/znews/greater-china/story20170109-711238

      So what kind of business Uber/Grab in SG is registered in ROC?

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    • Our country people’s profile different lah, Since lau Goh and Siao Lee took over, our country had in a way, become a Rojak.

      Taiwan and Korea and Japan hold dearly to their own culture, their one people and their values, they can even forgo economy $$ just to hold on to their believes and one people, one nation concept. They do not suka suka allow foreigners to come into their country to work, become PR or citizens.

      As a boss, I went to Japan twice last year to look at Pirus, whole plant are Japanese, even the cleaner etc etc, Airport including toilet cleaner, coordinators, security personel,..all Japanese, same goes to Korea when I was there to look at the new Hyundai Iconic, same goes to Taiwan, when I was there by invitation of Acer.

      When I landed in Singapore, turn left, Malaysian ah neh security guards, turn right, China toilet cleaner, walk straight, indian sweeper, go to AP canteen, bangala plate collector…decided to buy some chocolate..pinoy cashier….walk to take taxis, Malaysian women co ordinator, haiz, decided to take Grabcar cheaper,...kenna Mynamar PR driver.

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