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Current job auto bidding

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    • Originally posted by bowah:

      Not much calls still want to bid, in the meeting, I already told tammy and yang that cdg should abolish bidding call, the basic fundamental of coming out with bidding system was that it gives 2 cabbies instead of just one, that was when times were good, many cdg calls, today,

      nearly 60% taken over by grab and uber, still you want to autobid??? even grab and ber just assign job, if the driver do not take it, it will lock up and give it to the next available driver. Told them to go back to assign call, no more bidding

      assign is must take else get blacklisted?

      bid is quite ok leh, but these days jobs are 'tai goh'..


      FF likes to appear on rainy days and peak hour. thank goodness changed to yellow screen for FF, although some still appear in the normal screen color


      at traffic junction, at times can see cdg driver one hand on mdt standby... jin kor lian

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    • Simi kor lian, one hand to put busy lah, take grabtaxi liao

      Now, all use autobid liao, still use hand meh???hand for PCC only..

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