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Taxi or PHV

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    • taxis on the constant decline

      taxi queues at airport and taxi stands are getting longer each day

      cdg mdt getting quieter by the day

      everywhere i go i see more phv and phv in business

      they are everywhere and pax loves them

      now at a cross road, thinking of jumping over.

      good thing about phv, private car, easy to move around and can go malaysia. cost is lower too. 


      welcome genuine feedback please 

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    • Yes, go over to PHV better, I alway encourage driver who feel the other side of the pasture is greener to go over…good for them and also for me, as a taxi driver, let said if taxis is left 10,000 on the road..wha…pick and drop non stop..

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    • http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/transport/taxi-population-falls-to-lowest-in-eight-years

      15699 drivers to go will reach 10K

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    • few of my friends throw key to join PHV. and seems its better $$ for them. many trips make up the fares

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    • Dear thread starter,

      I urge you go go and try, but you must treat the incentives given out by the phv operators as variable bonues, it CAN BE TAKEN AWAY in the future.

      And if the promo codes given to commuters by the operators stops, everyone will get less bookings, including taxi drivers and you, that affects everyone. 

      Then the BIG question is, will all the incnetives and promo stop?

      This one nobody can tell, but everyone agrees that no company wants to do loss-making business, and the PHVs operators, according to many many reports, ARE LOSING money now, will they want to continue LOSING money to gain market share, I don't know...

    • Also, PHVs drivers pay much higher income tax than taxi drivers, even if they earn the same income. See link below:-


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