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Forget abt Hello Kitty...

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    • Get the real kitty! Visit Embur for details!

    • I'm giving away Embur as I can't keep her in my house, mama nags everyday and night! Embur has been "forced" to live in the storeroom and whenever she gets a chance to come out when I open the door, mama will scold and chase her back. Embur reall needs a affectionate owner and lots of roaming place. It's been 4 days already, and I still can't get someone to adopt her. Please help me pass the word around, see if any of your cat-lover friends can take her. I really can't bear to give her to SPCA. They'll probably keep her for a while, then put her to sleep. Embur is fully vaccinated, and was even sterilized. She's adorable, purrs very often, and definately deserved to be loved.

      Thank you!

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